Hi everyone!

Today marks the day of my last blog. I cannot believe that the semester is nearing its end and that I will be walking for graduation on May 16th. I say walking because I am taking one more class this summer and then I will officially have my MS in Community and School Health. WOW! I feel old.

I just wanted to offer some advice to those of you exploring different Master’s programs in Buffalo or in other parts of the country. Do what you love! Find a subject area that interests you and pursue higher education in that area. There is nothing worse than waking up and dreading going to a job every day. You don’t just want a paycheck; you deserve other fulfillment (that money cannot provide).

Just look at me…I currently work as a Secretary and M&T Bank and really enjoy it. Who knows, I might move around M&T throughout my working years or I may leave next month? One thing I do know is that my education and my pursuit of a graduate degree give me the flexibility and stability to plant my roots in something great!

Take a leap, enjoy and never stop learning!

Good Luck!
Mary Grace