In my last project for my financial statement fraud class, we had to accumulate many different resources for a particular fraud and create a website. I have to be honest, I’ve never really tried creating a website before so I thought it was going to be hard. It actually wasn’t that bad and our website turned out to be pretty good.

The fraud that my group chose was Crazy Eddie. Crazy Eddie was a retail electronics company in the 1980’s. Eddie Antar along with his brother, Sam Antar employed many fraudulent practices to profit off of his company. One practice included cash skimming in which cash from sales was not recorded on the books. The Antars hide these funds in a bank account in Israel. After the company went public, they needed to inflate their income so they committed inventory fraud, underreporting accounts payable, channel stuffed and inflating sales.

Eddie was also known for his extravagant commercials trying to sell his products. Some of these videos can be seen on the website that we created. The website that we created is It also contains web articles and documents about the Crazy Eddie fraud.

Sam Antar also has a website that gives many more details about Crazy Eddie as well as more resources. There are other websites as well that other students created. should be available soon and I will post them as soon as I can. This is just another example of some of the cool projects that we did in my fraud class.