Before I say anything else, yes, that is the actual Stanley Cup, and yes, it might be the highlight of my year. Most of the best things that happen in life are a relative fluke, and that experience proved to be no exception. More on that later, though.

Spring break actually got off to a pretty weak start for me, I caught a nasty little cold bug on Sunday morning, which effectively knocked me out from Sunday to Wednesday. Buffalo managed to go from 55 degrees and sunny to 27 and freezing relatively quickly, and I’m eager for winter to leave. Thankfully while resting up, I was able to get my sights set on what comes next, and I’m pretty confident about the job hunt. Most of my week was spent figuring out the details of our weekend Columbus, OH trip…

…and what a trip that was! I got back late yesterday night, where four of our MSA students (including Lydia from our online program, who flew all the way from CA) went around a city I’d describe as one of the quieter sports meccas of the US. I’m usually not hyperbolic, but Columbus was really a city that you could tell has been shaped by sport in some major ways. This was a pretty laid-back trip, but we managed to meet some neat people and get some professional networking in as well, which is always good if you’re trying to break into sports.

We all carpooled the 5-6 hours to the city on Friday morning, and when we got there were able to tour the Shoe, Ohio Stadium, which seats 106,000, or roughly 3 of my hometowns. It felt as large as it sounds, and I had to chuckle at the Tressel luxury suite. It’s not often you see college stadiums modeled after the Pantheon, is all I’ll say, but the tour was awesome–we got to walk on the turf, which is something not everybody gets to do. After that we explored (the) Ohio State University and Columbus for a bit–the city feels like a college town, even with its professional franchises. Over the weekend we went to a bunch of great little dive bars and restaurants and I want to move there just for the food, haha.

Saturday, we went to see a Columbus Crew (Major League Soccer) game and take a tour of their facilities. It was neat to see a soccer-specific stadium for sure, but I do think they face a difficult struggle in getting fans to come out, especially on a cold Saturday like ours was. It was a fun experience, especially watching the game with a student from Brazil and another from Germany–overall it was a great time.

Sunday was our hockey day, we received a full tour of Nationwide Arena, home of the Columbus Blue Jackets, and met with a bunch of important executives at the club. We have an MSA alum who works for the Blue Jackets in ticket sales, and he was able to get us the opportunity to touch the Stanley Cup (I have no clue why it was in Columbus…) as well as rink-side (first row) seats to the game, which they lost to the Canucks 4-1, but meeting people at the arena was top-notch, and is further proof that (as one of the execs we met put it) not only is breaking into your industry about who you know, but who knows you.

Then we drove back, I actually arrived in Buffalo about 11 hours ago, and soon I’m going to head over to my internship, so I’ll wrap up this long post (hopefully you readers stuck around) with some pictures! ¬†Enjoy!


(Ohio Stadium)

(all of us with the Stanley Cup, including Don, our MSA alum at the CBJ)