Cheers to a New Year!

Cheers to a New Year!

Hello friend of Canisius! I hope this new year has been treating you well and that your holidays were filled with joy and happiness spent with family, friends, and loved ones.

But are YOU ready for classes to begin?

It seems like just yesterday, I was loading up my Subaru, hugging my mother and sister goodbye and heading to Buffalo to begin the next chapter of my life. Now, 2 years later, I am entering my FINAL semester of graduate school. “What is my life?” has been the question I’ve been asking myself.

Am I ready to graduate and begin my career? Well I know that regardless of me “feeling ready” it’s going to happen anyway.
Throughout my professional experiences of both 2013 and 2014, I have continued to build relationships with students and other professionals and further developed my counseling skills. Through my recent internship experience, I have realized that while Buffalo is a great place, students experience great tragedy, disappointment, heartbreak, and distress.

During 2014, I completed a practicum placement, half of an internship placement, and ten courses. Personally, I fell in love, met great people along the way, experienced heartbreak, and continue to gain emotional strength. I ran a half marathon, a quarter marathon, and several 5ks and 10ks. Personally and professionally, 2014 was a year of commitment and accomplishment.

As you reflect on your 2014 year, what did you learn? How did you grow? What goals did you achieve? What goals make you excited for 2015?

Home stretch

Home stretch

Hello everyone!

Last week I had my last first day of school! Unless of course I take on the challenge of obtaining my PhD in later years. If all goes well, I will be graduating in May!

A lot of exciting stuff has been happening here in my world at Canisius. We welcomed around 12 new international students for this spring semester.  There was a week long orientation before the rest of the students began classes. Our orientation covered a variety of topics but what I enjoyed most was the fun stuff and getting to know our new students from all over the world.

Students in the Global Lounge

We wanted our new students to see what kinds of things true Buffalonians enjoy during the chilly winter months. Students enjoyed seeing a movie at North Park Theatre on Hertel, a little driving tour of Elmwood Village and a warm-up at Spot Coffee, and we finished the week by celebrating at Winterfest at Canalside ice skating and eating dinner at Pearl Street Grill.

Taking a break at Spot Coffee on Elmwood

North Park Theatre

We had some first time ice skaters on our hands!

Also, in the CSPA program here at Canisius we have the choice between writing a thesis or taking a comprehensive exam during our final semester. I chose to take the exam and have been busily preparing and studying for it. I feel like I’ve been up to my eyeballs in flashcards and highlighters, but it has served as a great review of all the things I have learned the past two years. It will also help me when I start interviewing for jobs in the higher education field. One more step towards becoming a master of science and a student affairs professional!

I wish everyone the best for the semester and check back with us soon!






Hi all,
Welcome to part 3 of self harm! I am reading a book for my Self Destructive Behaviors class called “Comes the Darkness Come the Light: A memoir of cutting, healing, and hope” and I am also using a book called “Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut” to further my knowledge of how to HELP those who cut and self harm in my work as a practicing school counselor.

In these books, I am finding that those who self harm have:

1) Self harmed over a long period time.
-In the memoir I am reading, the woman has what many would consider a great life. She has a husband, children, multiple degrees and is a teacher. BUT as a child she was told not to deal with her emotions. As a result, she started self injuring when she was in 5th grade. She started by hitting herself in the head with a hair brush until she had a headache. That led to hitting her against a wall until she would pass out. Over time, as an adult she was cutting herself immensely. I write this not to give you a summary of the book, but to make more self harm options KNOWN.

2) Self harm along with another mental health issue either to cope or to mask other struggles.
-The woman in the memoir also struggled with an eating disorder caused by her belief that physically she was not good enough. Depression was also present, as well as childhood physical and emotional abuse.

Counselors need to keep these concepts in mind:

Humility– Ask for help! Know your own limitations and know that helping self harming clients will not provide instant gratification.

Authenticity– Be genuine with clients who self harm. Clients (especially young students) are looking for someone to talk to about their self harm. Be honest and show them that you can be trusted as a helping person for them.

Acceptance– Accept the client for what they are. Clients feel that their behavior is socially unacceptable and that others will not accept them because of their behavior.

Gentleness– Tough words and actions can damage a client worse than their physical wounds. Be mindful of what you say to help them.

Getting Started with Forensic Accounting

Getting Started with Forensic Accounting

Hi Everyone!

My name is Jon Corona and I am currently a student in the Forensic Accounting program here at Canisius College.  To avoid repeating information, I will refrain from writing an “about me” section in this post.  Although for those readers who are itching to know more about the author, be sure to check out the about the author section!

This is my first semester as Forensic Accounting student as well as my first semester as being a blogger (so please bear with me!).  This blog will be about my experiences throughout the year as a student in the program and I hope that those who read the posts will learn all that this unique and exciting program has to offer.

To get things started, I figure it is fitting to describe how I got started in the program.  The past four years I have spent here at Canisius as an undergraduate student at Canisius in the Accounting program seeking to fulfill the requirements for the CPA exam and find a career in public accounting.  Canisius’ great success with the CPA exam was one of the reasons that I choose the school.  In fact, last year (2013) graduates taking the exam ranked first in New York State in pass rates!

Learning how to Discover Frauds

What originally grabbed my attention in accounting is the idea of preventing and detecting white-collar crimes.  Fortunately, what I learn in my forensic accounting program is exactly that; the knowledge needed to combat such crimes.  Not only am I learning this specific and in demand skill set, I am also fulfilling CPA exam requirements.  Specifically, the CPA exam has an educational requirement which includes at least 150 credit hours of classes, among other requirements.  As a result, many students looking to eventually earn their CPA license will be enrolled in a five year program at their respective school.  In other words, the classes I am taking as part of the Forensic program are giving me a unique skill set while allowing me to fulfill my educational requirement.  Talk about a “win – win” situation!

Looking forward, my future posts will focus on the many highlights of the program as I attempt to summarize all of the great experiences of a student in Canisius’ Forensic Accounting program.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

How did I end up in grad school?!

How did I end up in grad school?!

How did I end up in grad school?!  I received my undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Buffalo State in 2011.  I clearly remember saying I was SO happy to never be going back to school again! And then I found myself at the beginning of 2014 thinking about going back to school.

I currently work as a nutritionist in a community nutrition program for women and children.  I really enjoy the community setting, and being able to help people learn more about health, and how they can help themselves and their families live happier, healthier lives.

I started thinking I would like to do more.  I googled health graduate programs in Buffalo NY, and stumbled across all of the allied health programs at Canisius.  I read about the different programs, what they entailed, and what to expect.  Of course the nutrition program jumped out at me at first, but after reading and re-reading about the school and community health program I realized that everything that the program involved was things i worked with everyday in my career, and were things I was truly interested in learning.  An open house was coming up so I decided to attend.

When I attended that grad school open house, I was nervous! I had not been on a college campus since 2011, and I felt like the new kid at school.  Right away I was greeted, and told where to go to learn about the programs I was interested in.  Everyone made me feel very comfortable, and no one was pushy at all.  They welcomed all of my questions, and I felt like I had at least 500 questions.

I’m pretty sure my mind was made up that day that I would be applying to Canisius, and I have not regretted it since!  I am halfway through my second semester, and have found all of my classes to be so interesting so far.  Everything has been something I deal with on a daily basis at work like health promotion or something that comes up in (almost) daily conversation like universal health coverage.

In my program, semesters are split into two sessions.  The first session of this semester is wrapping up this week, and I start two more that will run the next 8 weeks.  Because they split the semester like this I should be receiving my masters in just over a year, which is awesome!  I’m looking forward to beginning my next two classes, and sharing my experiences in grad school with you!

Self Harm

Self Harm

Hi all,
I usually don’t write about sad topics on my blog, but this week I was INSPIRED to write about self harm. And I’m hoping to develop a series of blogs on this topic that I have a new found passion for.

This week at my internship, I heard of an incident where a student was cutting herself and I had a student in my office who admitted to burning himself. So one male and one female. Oftentimes, society stereotypes only females to engage in self harmful behavior, but this also impacts men as well.

Why do people want to harm themselves? Based on my experiences, one of the reasons is that people have HURT another person and instead of dealing with the EMOTIONAL pain, they want to PHYSICALLY cause pain to themselves. Another factor is suicide. Whether it is suicidal thoughts or attempts, self harm is often a first step. The thing about self harm is that people are often are not experiencing PHYSICAL pain, they are experiencing EMOTIONAL pain.

Taken from

There are three other reasons that people self harm:
-The physical pain allows them to FEEL something. People who are hurting, feel emotional numbness or disconnection from their world. When they experience physical pain, they temporarily gain that feeling back.
-Cutting (specifically), but also other forms of self harm, releases endorphins, stress and emotional pain. This is stated by cutters.
-For young people, self harm is a way of fitting in with their friends.

What are ways people harm themselves? In my recent experiences, people cut themselves with knives, razors, or sharp objects or they burn themselves intentionally as a physical release of pain. Other ways of self harm include: scratching or pinching oneself until blood is present or marks or left on the skin, banging or punching objects to cause bleeding or bruising, and hair pulling.

As I was on Pinterest (my favorite website for any type of inspiration). I came across a list of words that are associated with self harm that I would like to share.

Depression. Hurt. Anorexia. Bullied. Broken. Death. Cutter. Self-Harm. Depressed. Suicidal. Sad. Bulimia. Paranoia. Anxiety. Panic. Eating Disorder. Voices. Lost. Self Hate. Misunderstood. Alone. Drugs. Hard. Judged. Alcohol. Cigarette. Panic. Recovery. Alive. Help. Strong. Cry. Life. Addiction. Pills. Bad. Hope.

To you, some of these words will be more powerful than some, but each person experiences pain differently and the words that do not stick out to YOU, stick out to someone else.

There is HELP. There is HOPE.

*Canisius College offers counseling to ALL currently enrolled students. Visit their website for more information.