Being a part of something great

Being a part of something great

Woah! The past few weeks have been so busy, crazy, exciting, exhausting, and every other feeling between. Between tutoring, mentoring, classes, homework, and internship, I have to force myself to sleep! But despite the busy chaos that is my life, I know that I am doing good things for the benefit of others.

When I first started my internship, I was unsure if I would EVER build good relationships with my students and the staff at the school. But the time has come that I have build great bonds with those around me and it’s a great feeling. I am greeted by students positively, they are opening up to me and working toward change for themselves.

My experience at the Falk school has been challenging for me. As a teacher, I am very used to working with large groups of students in a less structured environment. At Falk, students are very structured in a routine to be successful. However, I have noticed that because of this experience, I have become a better teacher when I work at Sweet Home. I feel more respected because of it. As a substitute teacher, I used to think that “whatever happens, happens.” But now, when a student is doing great things, or is out of line, I make it a point to step in to comment, correct, and compliment. Students find respect in those actions and can be more successful.

Recently, I have been complimented on my work as a teacher and I’ve been questioning “why?” but I now understand that working at Falk has made me leave my comfort of being in a public school and I am now more open to students as a whole.

MBAPA First Course Survival Tips

MBAPA First Course Survival Tips

Just keep studying..



Tips For Success In Class







Fall semester was my first accounting course, and boy was it tough!   (I started in the summer with regular MBA courses as the first accounting course is only taught during the Fall/Spring) The first accounting course is MBA701, Financial Accounting.  This is a combination of the Principals 1 and 2 of accounting that a first year student would take in the undergraduate program, but tougher and covers all the material in one semester.  It is taught as a night class only for the MBAPA students, so you will meet other classmates in the program.  As the semester progressed, you learn to use great study habits so that when the exam time rolled around, you are prepared to take the exam (or the cumulative project we had by the end of the semester).

Note Taking: Elle Woods Style

Here’s some great accounting class survival tips (in no particular order):

  • GO TO ALL CLASSES! This might sound like common sense, but if you miss a class then you have to teach yourself a chapter or more of material on your own, and that is tough.  Accounting material is taught fast, especially in night classes! Plus, class participation tends to be part of your grade.
  • Don’t have cell phone on in class. This also sounds like common sense, but if you haven’t learned from undergrad yet, accounting professors can see you when you try to text behind your book or on your lap. (and they think it is odd for you to be staring and smiling at your lap for half of the class)  Plus you’ll miss material if you don’t pay attention.
  • Take notes in class. It’s not like undergrad with power points for everything.  The professor will mention key info in class that isn’t from the book too!
  • Read before class and after class, and reread when studying for the exams. The textbook is your friend.  There are lots of examples and material to understand, so read!  Reading before class is SUPER important because you need to know the material in order to participate in class.

    HIMYM’s Marshall studying Law on a Friday night

  • Do the homework problems assigned, even if not for credit. The professor will most likely go over those homework problems in class or incorporate them into the lecture.  You can then ask questions about the example problems.  Also, accounting methods will stick to your memory more when you “push the pencil” and practice the concepts learned in class.
  • Study Study Study!!! The program is worth the time you put into it.  Start studying for exams at least a week before.  Have a plan of studying so it doesn’t come to the night before and you’re reviewing 10 chapters of notes at once!  Form a study group with classmates if that is your learning style.  And if studying at home is too distracting, the upper level “quiet floor” of the Canisius library is great! (Gets busy during finals week though and hard to find a table)  If not the library, you could try Tim Hortons, Panera, or Spot Coffee for great study locations!

    Don’t stress too much from classes, like Jeff from Community!

  • If you’re still lost and have questions, seek out the tutoring center.  Some classes have tutors specifically assigned to help with the class.  But if you’re looking for help with a difficult homework problem, or maybe a concept is just not gelling with you, go to the office hours for the accounting tutors at the tutoring center up on the third floor of Old Main!
Hopefully these tips are helpful!
Here’s a funny video, to bring back some 90s Nostalgia!

Cheers to a New Year!

Cheers to a New Year!

Hello friend of Canisius! I hope this new year has been treating you well and that your holidays were filled with joy and happiness spent with family, friends, and loved ones.

But are YOU ready for classes to begin?

It seems like just yesterday, I was loading up my Subaru, hugging my mother and sister goodbye and heading to Buffalo to begin the next chapter of my life. Now, 2 years later, I am entering my FINAL semester of graduate school. “What is my life?” has been the question I’ve been asking myself.

Am I ready to graduate and begin my career? Well I know that regardless of me “feeling ready” it’s going to happen anyway.
Throughout my professional experiences of both 2013 and 2014, I have continued to build relationships with students and other professionals and further developed my counseling skills. Through my recent internship experience, I have realized that while Buffalo is a great place, students experience great tragedy, disappointment, heartbreak, and distress.

During 2014, I completed a practicum placement, half of an internship placement, and ten courses. Personally, I fell in love, met great people along the way, experienced heartbreak, and continue to gain emotional strength. I ran a half marathon, a quarter marathon, and several 5ks and 10ks. Personally and professionally, 2014 was a year of commitment and accomplishment.

As you reflect on your 2014 year, what did you learn? How did you grow? What goals did you achieve? What goals make you excited for 2015?

Home stretch

Home stretch

Hello everyone!

Last week I had my last first day of school! Unless of course I take on the challenge of obtaining my PhD in later years. If all goes well, I will be graduating in May!

A lot of exciting stuff has been happening here in my world at Canisius. We welcomed around 12 new international students for this spring semester.  There was a week long orientation before the rest of the students began classes. Our orientation covered a variety of topics but what I enjoyed most was the fun stuff and getting to know our new students from all over the world.

Students in the Global Lounge

We wanted our new students to see what kinds of things true Buffalonians enjoy during the chilly winter months. Students enjoyed seeing a movie at North Park Theatre on Hertel, a little driving tour of Elmwood Village and a warm-up at Spot Coffee, and we finished the week by celebrating at Winterfest at Canalside ice skating and eating dinner at Pearl Street Grill.

Taking a break at Spot Coffee on Elmwood

North Park Theatre

We had some first time ice skaters on our hands!

Also, in the CSPA program here at Canisius we have the choice between writing a thesis or taking a comprehensive exam during our final semester. I chose to take the exam and have been busily preparing and studying for it. I feel like I’ve been up to my eyeballs in flashcards and highlighters, but it has served as a great review of all the things I have learned the past two years. It will also help me when I start interviewing for jobs in the higher education field. One more step towards becoming a master of science and a student affairs professional!

I wish everyone the best for the semester and check back with us soon!




A different place…

A different place…

Hi all,

This week, I was working with a student one-on-one at my internship and I had the craziest epiphany! The student expressed having some difficulties forgiving people who have wronged him and having “resentment” toward them. Everyone can relate to forgiving those who have done something to them. But this conversation was different than any other I’ve had with a student. This young man expressed feelings of anger toward former “love interests” in his life who had conducted a form of “cheating.” I’m sure we’ve all been there, and dealt with those types of feelings at some point. Myself included. This conversation really hit home for me. But where this conversation went really surprised even me. INSTEAD of this conversation bring up thoughts of my OWN feelings, I used ideas and concepts with this student that people have taught ME.

This session took place on a Monday and the day before that, on Sunday I attended church where the sermon was about forgiveness. While, I did NOT use religion ideas with this student, I used a strong concept that hit home for me. When someone wrongs US and we hold on to feelings of resentment, anger, and frustration with those people. But when WE do that, what happens to THEM? Nothing. Those who have hurt us are UNAFFECTED by what they have done to US.

After I brought this to his attention, the student seemed almost stumped by my statement, but agreed it was true. Giving students concepts like this to think about, is what internships like mine are all about. As a former professor said to me last semester in Practicum, “It’s about planting seeds.” And I feel that is EXACTLY what I did.


I was able to use something that I was taught through someone else, and that was an amazing feeling!

Be well, Griffs and STAY WARM!

Snow Day!

Snow Day!

Hi everyone!

Happy fall- though it’s looking a lot more like winter here in Buffalo!  I’m on snow day number 3 from work.  The phone call on the first snow day was super exciting, but this storm is C-R-A-Z-Y!  I’m getting a little antsy being cooped up inside! The snow is pretty wild here, but as always, Buffalo shows what a great city it is in the midst of a huge storm.  There’s so many stories going around about neighbors helping neighbors, and people helping complete strangers.  People are helping out by making grocery runs for food on snowmobiles, firefighters are carrying people to hospitals, and neighbors are shoveling/plowing/snowblowing their neighbors driveways and their streets.  It makes me VERY proud to say I’m from Buffalo!  It also makes me take a step back and think about everything I usually take for granted, and be thankful I have a roof over my head, plenty of food in the refrigerator, and of course my family.

Backing up before all of our crazy snow, I was welcoming fall by going to the Holiday Valley Beer and Wine Festival.  Holiday Valley is located in ski country- Ellicottville, NY, about 40 minutes away from Canisius.  It’s a beautiful place with lots of things to do.  My friends and I have made this festival a tradition, and you should check it out next year if your in town!  You can sample over 100 beers from New York State, and enjoy fun music and great food.

The great thing about the snow days is that it’s given me a lot of time to catch up on school work.  Last week I registered for my classes.  The registration process was easy, because of our great advisors at Canisius.  Without that support I’m not sure that I would be as on track as I am.  I found out I should be graduating in August, WOW, time is flying by!

Hope your enjoying your fall!