Whoa, We’re Half Way There

Whoa, We’re Half Way There

So, summer classes are in full force.  With three classes you can imagine the work load.



The classes that I am taking in relation to the program are going great.  My group and I have just submitted the draft of our unit.  We are doing a theme of animals with K-2 grade students.  We have so many great events planned like taking campers to the zoo, making a jellyfish, as well as creating their own animal.  It has been so much work to put together this unit, but as we see it coming together, we are really excited for camp to begin next week.

With the camp, we are given a classroom in Old Main to call our headquarters.  We get to decorate it on Friday and I am excited for that.  We want the kids to make a paper mural on the wall, and just give it a fun touch to it.  With 9 kiddos coming in next week, I want the classroom to look great and be something the kids love going to.  However, as much as I am excited for the classroom, I am really hoping it is nice out so we can do some activities outside! After all, it is summer.

The other half of this class is the research paper portion of it.  In years past it has been a group paper, but things have changed a little.  I won’t get too much into it because it’ll be confusing and won’t make sense, but we essentially get to pick a topic that we would like to work on so it impacts the student’s learning.  My group and I have chosen to do the same aspect, which is great because we can help one another get the information, artifacts, and notes we need to complete the paper.  At the end we get to do a presentation, without actually doing one.  We can project our information onto our computers and our classmates get to walk around and read what we did and what the students got from it.

Honestly, I hope this doesn’t sound like much.  I mean, it is a lot of work, but in the scheme of things, it is not too bad.  It is wonderful being able to do this in a group.  My group members are all people I worked with in undergrad so we all know each other and can bounce ideas off of each other really well.  Being in a positive, hard working group is the biggest thing to me, and these girls sure are hard working and positive.

My other class that I am taking this summer is for my special education extension.  This class also requires practicum hours, which my partner and I (this partner is also doing the summer camp, so yay!) have really enjoyed.  We are in a 6:1:1 at the south towns BOCES location, which I may have mentioned.  In this classroom, we are learning so much.  The children are 18-20 years old, which was a shock and new experience for both of us.  We are growing closer to our students each time we are there.  They have such a great sense of humor and it’s interesting to interact with people a few years younger than you who are functional students.  Part of our practicum hours were located at the Lion’s Club, which the students travel to in order to have a picnic, ride boats and horses, as well as eat lunch and get faces painted.  It was such a joy to see our students to happy and enjoying life!

My summer has been taken up by these classes but it is absolutely worth it.  I am learning so much and I would not trade this experience for the world.  Enjoy your free summers while you have them, but be prepared to have the summer of your life while you are here. 🙂

Graduate Information Night!

Graduate Information Night!

This Saturday’s Graduate Information Night at the Harbor Center was a huge success and a great time! The event gave current undergraduate students an insight into what to expect as a future graduate student at Canisius.


The group posing with Petey!


We had current graduate students on hand to answer questions about each of the specific programs offered both on campus and online.  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to share my experiences with the Advanced Special Education program thus far.


Canisius vs Mercyhurst


Halftime…Go Griffs!














After the event, we all stayed to watch the men’s hockey team take on Mercyhurst on the ice.  It was Senior Night and each of the current seniors were recognized for their accomplishments the past 4 years. Each and every senior had a hand in the 3-1 win against Mercyhurst.  Nice job boys!

Check out GoGriffs.com for more information about the game!

Petey sighting!

For more information on all graduate programs offered at Canisius, please visit the graduate website or contact one of our writers!

It’s nice to meet you!

It’s nice to meet you!

Hi all!  It is very exciting to be one of the newest members of Canisius College’s Graduate Blog team!  I can’t wait to share my experiences in regards to living in Buffalo, attending Canisius, and everything else in between!  To start I thought I would share a few things about myself.


1.  I hold my bachelor’s degree from Canisius College which has provided me with my Early Childhood, Childhood and Special Education teaching certifications.


My best friend, Lauren, and I at undergraduate graduation! Believe it or not, we met at freshman orientation 4 years prior.

2.  I am a third year, special education teacher in the Buffalo Public School District.  I have experience in co-teaching and special classrooms.  I currently have a fourth grade 15:1.  Side note to all of the special education majors…Did you know “self-contained” classrooms are now referred to as “special classrooms”?


Here is one of my students working on her fast math multiplication.


3.  I currently in the Advanced Special Education Graduate program at Canisius studying for my master’s degree.  I have begun my final class!

4.  I am a retired NFL Cheerleader and captain for the Buffalo Jills.  I guess you can say I am a Buffalo Bills fan!


My 2014-2015 line.


5.  I am absolutely obsessed with  my two dogs, Ricky and Charlie.  Ricky is the pug and Charlie is the boxer.


My dogs are (sometimes) pals!  Here is when I caught them getting along.

This list could continue but I would hate to bore my readers with my first post.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about my life.  I would love to know a bit about my readers so feel free to comment down below!

Being Thankful.

Being Thankful.

I know it’s really soon to be writing (or thinking) about Thanksgiving. But being thankful spoke to me this week.

Things I am thankful for.

1) My family- My parents and sister have always been there for me. But especially in tough times. I find comfort and love in their words, even though I am far away from them.

2) My closest friends- I can always rely on them for a laugh, a smile, and a hug. They have always been there to listen to me, both in person and while we are apart.

3) My education- Not everyone is fortunate to make it to where I am today. If you had asked me 3 years ago, if I would be receiving a Masters degree, I would have said no. I have been blessed with so many great professors who love and care about me and my colleagues. Both as people and students.

4) My students- They may be crazy, but their humor really keeps me going.

Career Exploration

Career Exploration

Ah… It’s about that time… Job application time.  With less than three weeks left in my final student teaching placement, the questions have been flooding in: “Where do you want to teach?” “What type of teaching job are you looking for?” “What type of school do you want to work in?” and so on.

The truth is- I can’t narrow it down at this point. To me, I love every job within the special education field. I love working with students with learning disabilities in public school inclusion settings. I love working with students with severe disabilities and teaching them functional skills in a private special education school.  I love Buffalo, but I am a traveler at heart and would love to move to a new and exciting city. I love the US, but I am also intrigued by the idea of teaching abroad (especially because now is the time to do something as spontaneous as that)!

So as you can see- I’m torn. I’m blessed to have options and to not feel stuck or cornered in any way.  I think it is a good thing to love the opportunities my degree presents to me, because that means I am more likely to take advantage of them when they come along! (more…)

You just never know…

You just never know…

Today was my first of two observations by my supervising professor, Dr. Marable.  As of last night, my detailed lesson plan was submitted and all of my materials were ready.

For some reason, when I emailed Dr. Marable, I felt the urge to warn her about the difficulties we have been having in the classroom.  I told her that Jacob had switched to a new behavior plan, and while we have been working toward transitioning into that new plan, he has been having a lot of difficulty focusing and maintaining attention during learning time. Then, I told her that Manny often bolts and flops on the floor during Handwriting time- so there may be a lot of time spent redirecting. Her response was: “No problem, I’ve been there! Thank God for programs like Summit for parents whose children need such intensity.”  Her response put me at ease and I knew that no matter what happened, she would understand.

Little did I know what was in store for my observation. The second Jacob entered the classroom he had a meltdown. (more…)