My Final post :(

My Final post :(

I’m sad to be writing this final post. In fact, I’ve put it off until the last possible second because it saddens me so greatly.

So let us recap the last 2 years of my life….

In 2009, I began graduate school at Canisius College, taking the online Physical Education program. It was a newer program, but to me this didn’t matter. I was excited to start my ‘grad’ work and get the ball rolling. I was afraid of doing things on my own and trying to apply for colleges and look at programs that I was interested in. In the Summer of 2009, I got married to the love of my life, Pat and we started our life together and I continued working on my grad classes, 2 at a time.

In 2010, I continued doing my grad work as my husband commuted from Jamestown to Buffalo finishing up his Law degree. This was one of the most challanging years of my life so far. I was working hard on grad work, applying for teaching jobs, tutoring, missing my husband and working a lot subbing. One bright spot is that we got our kitten Moose, and he has been a wonderful companion for me.
In Fall of 2010, I took a difficult class and had a hard research project. I worked really hard and I did very well on the final project. I was pleased with being able to overcome some of the difficulties.

In 2011, I had a challenging semester with my final culminating class. First, I had trouble paying for the single course , as financial aid did not cover 1 class. So I payed for the class out of pocket. The class was challenging but it was well worth it. I learned a ton of practical things that I can use in my professional life. After completing my final class, we got our second kitten, Yogi

Now I’m here….now what? Where do I go from here? This chapter in my life has closed and I have to move on. It’s scarey to know that student loans and a real life are around the corner.

I want to thank everyone for reading my posts along the way. I am seriously thankful for this blogging experience that I have been given and I was able to have this outlet to vent my feelings and experiences while they were happening. As I look back, there were some major milestones I’ve passed in the last couple of years. I’m very grateful for the bumps I’ve had to take and the surprises around the corner on this journey.

For all of those reading, make sure that you embrace and learn from the bumps in the road and truly appreciate the surprises around the corner on your Journey.

Enjoy your college experience, wherever it takes you….and look to your future, always.

Allison Slagle

New Kittens and Ends of Eras

New Kittens and Ends of Eras

Well Folks, this is one of my last posts. I’m sorry I haven’t been that consistent in posting in the month of April.

I have a surprise! My husband and I got a new kitten to celebrate my graduation of graduate school!… His name is Yogi (Berra)

I have ONE MORE EXAM left to go and it is a final paper for my class. I handed in my portfolio and got a 92.5 on it! Tuesday I have my final exam and I hope that I can do great on it so that I can truly end this program on a good note! I’m getting excited!

I can’t believe that my graduation is almost here! Its amazing how fast it went and how much I learned!! I’m so happy that I don’t have to worry about it anymore.
This also means that I won’t be blogging anymore. My time as a blogger is coming to an end. I hope that you all are able to enjoy my posts and that you got a little incite into my life as an Online Graduate student. I was successfully able to balance life and school while taking online classes. I’m so grateful for the ability to both financially and academically be blessed to further my education in Grad School.

Now I hope that I can get a teaching position. I’m a firm believer in keeping my karma good and putting my best foot forward and what goes around, comes around. I hope that all of my hard work in the City and the After School Programs will get me noticed as a teacher and I can start my career.

I want it, and I need it. Its the next logical step.

I will be posting again once I am done with my degree and right before graduation (which I am unsure if I am attending) so I’ll be in touch one or more times for some updates. But until then, I need to focus on studying and gathering resources for my final paper.

Thank you so much for your reader dedication and support, as well as giving my peace of mind during crazy graduate school times… (blogging was VERY therapeutic for me.)

Keep Well and Give me your thoughts on whether or not I should attend graduation?

*Grad School online means just that…I don’t know any professors or students personally, So I wouldn’t know ANYONE at graduation– this is the only reason I don’t know whether I should attend or not.*

On the Brink

On the Brink

I’m getting a bit nervous for my final project and for my final exam in my last class of graduate work. I finally was able to sit and focus on some of the tasks that I still needed to do, but in the back of my mind I always feel like I am missing something, or I am not able to be doing the right things for my project, and when I turn it in, I’ve forgotten a huge peice, or completely misunderstood the directions. I hope that doesn’t happen here. I’m paranoid that I’m going to mess up on my final exam or my project which will cause me to fail or not be able to graduate!!

Geez, I better take a chill pill and just focus on the project and exam. I’d like to do some more research for my exam and I want to be able to pull some more info together. Luckily- I have a LOT of time to kill. I still have one more week and weekend of spring vacation. I want to sit down and organize my computer folders and research materials. Finish/finalize my portfolio and perhaps be able to get things done once and for all. I just need to be able to pull my mind together for one last hurrah!

I’m also having trouble deciding what I want to do this summer. I want to be able to work at the summer playground program as merely a playground employee rather than running the entire program. I am afraid that the program would turn to *ehem* crap if I am not in charge. BUT I would also like some more freedom than in past summers to be able to do more things. I am doing lots of wedding photography this summer and that is exciting for me!! I just feel as though 26 is getting a little too old for being a playground employee….we will see…maybe my answer will come to me in a dream…

I’m a bit bothered that I’m more excited about where I am going out to dinner for graduation night rather than the actual graduation ceremony. Someone needs to slap some sense into me. I feel like since I did my work online, nobody really is caring or recognizing how much work it was or what a true accomplishment it is….including myself. Has anyone ever experienced this? Is it a natural reaction?

Well until next time…


The ball is rolling!

The ball is rolling!

The semester is rolling along- before you know it the first weeks of May will be here giving us spring fever and concluding my grad experience. I have a bit of a final assignment coming up with week and my final portfolio due later this month. Speaking of Spring fever- our school is having a bit of a strep throat epidemic. Our kids are dropping like flies in the final week before spring break.

I’m lucky that I got my bronchitis/sickness over with a few weeks ago. I hope I don’t get strep throat. Its the worst thing in the world.

Looking ahead- I feel as though graduation is right around the corner. I’m getting anxious that I’m really going to be done! I cannot believe that I am getting this close. It is going to feel strange that I am going to REALLY be done. I have never felt this way before….sure I’ve had inklings of it at the end of the semester before, but none this intense. I mean, I’m really going to be DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!???

With that said, I need to muster up the confidence and the dedication to finish this final semester of school out. My husband has talked about his final few months of law school and bar exam studying and he also feels strange about being done. I guess its time for us to start a family! We will need something else to occupy our time! haha!

In closing of this post, I think the general feeling for everyone is, WHEN WILL SPRING REALLY BE HERE? I don’t mind the cooler weather, I have a hard time focusing when it is really nice out!!

But don’t distress too much over the little things…Enjoy each day as a gift, be thankful for those truly perfect days, as well as the challenging days ahead.


Moose is looking for Spring

Back from break and ready to roll!

Back from break and ready to roll!

It’s me again, refreshed from a week off of school, but ready for my spring break from work! I wish that they would have fallen on the same week, but I’ll take the break any way I can get it. I have a few more assignments to do for my final class and I’m getting anxious for graduation. I have been filling out information for my graduation that I am going to attend May, 18th. I’ve never been the type of person to get excited about graduation or even WANT to attend, but for this I am excited. I feel like I have worked very hard in my graduate degree and I’m excited to have earned it. I did everything on my own and I am so proud of doing everything from registration, to financial aid, to taking the classes. My grades for my graduate degree have been nearly flawless and I’m truly truly impressed with myself. Therefore, I’m excited to walk in my graduate ceremony.

I have 2 papers, a portfolio and a test left to complete and then I am done with my formal schooling until the day I die! Sure– there will be other tests, or classes I have to sit through… but nothing like what I’ve experienced so far.

In other news, I’m preparing for spring break from work, I’ll have 2 weeks off in order to refocus and work on only grad. work. I have lots of things I want to accomplish over that break. After I return from that 2 week hiatus, I’ll be happy to be almost done with grad work and getting ready for summer and kayaking season!

So I’m living in the moment and doing what I have to do today, because time goes so fast! I’ll be updating you on my final 2 months of class and I hope it goes by flawlessly!


Spring is here and I am sick!

Spring is here and I am sick!

Like clockwork, I get ill in the fall and in the spring.   Well, today was the 1st day of spring and I am SICK.  I think I have strep throat.  I hate getting sick because I am never able to sleep at night and I always seem to be busy when it hits!   I am supposed to sub all week this week and now I’m not able to do that.  I can sub wed- fri, but I cannot believe that I am unable to do that!

We are on Spring Break for Canisius, so at least I don’t have to worry too much about school this week.  I’m happy to have the extra time to relax and not worry about school right now.

I applied for another Phys Ed job in Pine Valley.  I am excited to hopefully get another interview and at least practice my skills!

Well since it is spring break- I’m going to make this post brief.  I want to be sure to have something to say for next time.  Plus, I feel horrendous right now– time to go to bed.