My Final post :(

My Final post :(

I’m sad to be writing this final post. In fact, I’ve put it off until the last possible second because it saddens me so greatly.

So let us recap the last 2 years of my life….

In 2009, I began graduate school at Canisius College, taking the online Physical Education program. It was a newer program, but to me this didn’t matter. I was excited to start my ‘grad’ work and get the ball rolling. I was afraid of doing things on my own and trying to apply for colleges and look at programs that I was interested in. In the Summer of 2009, I got married to the love of my life, Pat and we started our life together and I continued working on my grad classes, 2 at a time.

In 2010, I continued doing my grad work as my husband commuted from Jamestown to Buffalo finishing up his Law degree. This was one of the most challanging years of my life so far. I was working hard on grad work, applying for teaching jobs, tutoring, missing my husband and working a lot subbing. One bright spot is that we got our kitten Moose, and he has been a wonderful companion for me.
In Fall of 2010, I took a difficult class and had a hard research project. I worked really hard and I did very well on the final project. I was pleased with being able to overcome some of the difficulties.

In 2011, I had a challenging semester with my final culminating class. First, I had trouble paying for the single course , as financial aid did not cover 1 class. So I payed for the class out of pocket. The class was challenging but it was well worth it. I learned a ton of practical things that I can use in my professional life. After completing my final class, we got our second kitten, Yogi

Now I’m here….now what? Where do I go from here? This chapter in my life has closed and I have to move on. It’s scarey to know that student loans and a real life are around the corner.

I want to thank everyone for reading my posts along the way. I am seriously thankful for this blogging experience that I have been given and I was able to have this outlet to vent my feelings and experiences while they were happening. As I look back, there were some major milestones I’ve passed in the last couple of years. I’m very grateful for the bumps I’ve had to take and the surprises around the corner on this journey.

For all of those reading, make sure that you embrace and learn from the bumps in the road and truly appreciate the surprises around the corner on your Journey.

Enjoy your college experience, wherever it takes you….and look to your future, always.

Allison Slagle

Phew, time does fly when you are having fun!

Phew, time does fly when you are having fun!


Wow folks, I’ve already started my second class of the summer and a full week of playground program is under my belt.

I think I’m’ really going to like this class! The class is Motor Development and we are learning how humans develop in their motor capacity over the lifespan! I think that this is interesting, especially because it accounts for individual differences. Motor development isn’t age determined, which means that once you hit your first birthday, while you are eating cake, you also start to walk, talk in full sentences, and throw objects (maybe cake). Not everyone hits these milestones at the same time.

Just a totally interesting class!! I’m super excited to learn more about this topic!

The first week of playground program has been a blast, and I have the best staff ever. I just really enjoy people who get along and have good, drama-free personalities. The kids are great, except one. Honestly, one child has the potential to ruin my summer. I banned him from the park. He’s an angry, threatening, mean, kid. He says, does, and acts mean all the time. The directors tried to talk to him, I’ve tried to talk to him, we’ve tried everything. There is no changing this kids attitude.


So — I saved my blogging draft right there.   Since then it has been great.  The child was removed from the parks program.   I hate to know what is going to become of his summer since he is now permanently suspended.  It’s not good to know that the children who act up, have nothing else to turn to, but they shouldn’t act up in the first place!!!!   It’s not difficult dealing with children, it’s just different.   I try to take a different approach to mentoring and guiding youth, but some children… matter how hard you try…..fall through the cracks.  I couldn’t compromise all of the other childrens’ summers at the park, just to salvage this child’s opportunity to attend the program.

My class is going well!  I’ve gotten a 100% on each of my assignments so far!  I really like the Motor Development class — it’s neat to learn about this stuff!!  Angel has been having some issues lately.  That, to me, is the most stressful part of online classes.  If something goes wrong with the Internet or the posting software, you had better hope that your professor is kind!!  Luckily (or not?) Angel has been facing widespread problems, therefore this issue was well known.

I’m sure that there will be some new names in the fall (for me it isn’t new faces because I don’t get to see anyone)!   I’m looking forward to people joining the ONLINE PE Program and starting their classes towards their MS Ed.  There’s nothing to worry about!

Enjoy the heat folks… YIKES !