End of First Session! (Or, in other words, the first six weeks of summer have already passed by!)

End of First Session! (Or, in other words, the first six weeks of summer have already passed by!)

Welcome Fellow Readers!

It is indeed that time again for celebration! What are we celebrating, you may ask?

Is it the recently past Summer Solstice?

No… Not that that isn’t exciting! Who doesn’t love a good summer day? You know, the kinda day that is low humidity, light breeze, and is in the 70s?… Or is that late spring…?

Anyway, no, we aren’t celebrating that!

Then, what else could it be?

Well, if you’re one of the few that decided, “Hey, you know what sounds like a good idea? School, but, like, in the summer!”, then this one goes out to you! Yes, you! I’m happy to announce that you have, indeed, made it through the first six weeks of courses offered over the summer!

…And yes, if you just looked at that and thought, “Okay, but I’m pretty sure while I may feel like Dumbledore, my brain is more on the level that Snape is here… You know, mentally exhausted, drained, but somehow still registering I did it, and so I have a goofy smile on my face.”, then that is perfectly acceptable, too! The point here is that you acknowledge that you’ve made it through!

And to those of you who thought, “You know what sounds even better? School, but, like, for TWELVE weeks out of the summer!”, or maybe even, “You know, I like school and all, but I need the first six weeks of summer before I feel up to school again.”, then I’m here to tell you, “SURPRISE! YOUR TIME HAS COME! In just a little less than two weeks, you will again rejoice with the opportunity to widen your paradigm and learn even more knowledge! I hope you’re ready!… Because ready or not, it’ll be here soon!”

Did someone say SUMMER?!

Did someone say SUMMER?!

Hey all! It’s that time of year that we’ve all been waiting for since… well, since last year!


I know all of us on the graduate track of life have been through quite a bit of work this past semester, and for some of you, it may have been your first semester back in a few years. If that’s the case, rejoice! You’ve made it through your first semester as a graduate student, and your first semester back in school. For those of you who continued straight from undergrad, you also have reason to rejoice. That means you’ve accomplished a whole year’s worth of graduate work, and now probably only have a year or so left of your graduate degree!

Regardless of where you are in your graduate education path, it’s now time to break for the summer! And to those of you who have done your time, put in the hours of studying and work required, you are now off to bigger and better things. I pray that your time spent here at Canisius will have served you well, and has helped prepare you for your future careers. Relish in all that you have accomplished in your time here, and celebrate your graduation with lots of pizzazz, surrounded by those you care about!


And for those of you taking summer classes, we’ll be seeing you around this summer!

Flying Bison Brewery Tour with MBAA

Flying Bison Brewery Tour with MBAA

From the new Netflix show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt




Candy sounds like a great dinner during this stressful Finals Week!



I wanted to catch you up on the great events that have been happening this semester!

Even though the MBA Alumni Association is an organization for those who have graduated from the MBA program at Canisius, students are welcome to attend their events which are held throughout the year.  From networking to presentations, the events are great for the professional development of the Canisius MBA community.

Flying Bison Brewery Logo

On Thursday, April 16th, the MBAA Association held a networking event and fundraiser for their MBA scholarship fund at Flying Bison Brewery.  This event was great because we got to tour the brewery and see how Flying Bison craft beer is produced locally in Buffalo!  With the recent economic growth of WNY, there has been a surge of local craft breweries.  Being able to learn, first-hand, from the Brewery Owner’s son on how they make their beer was fascinating!  I took a Biochemistry course during my year of post-baccalaureate studies (back when I thought I would be an OBGYN and go to a DO school to study medicine).  For the laboratory portion of the course, we spent six weeks fermenting grape juice with various sugar and yeast concentrations to understand the fermentation process.  Since beer is made with a very similar fermentation process, it was exciting to see the commercial applications of what was learned in Biochem lab!

Brewing Tanks

This event was the second to last event for the school year for the MBA Alumni Association.  Next week will be the Graduate Business Programs and MBAA Annual Mixer, which will include a silent auction and the Annual Awards presentation to several notable Canisius community members.  If you’re looking to network more with the Canisius business community as a student (or prospective student or alumni) I would totally suggest you come to the Annual Mixer on Friday May 8th so make sure to get your tickets to the event!

Since I’ll keep this censored (so many funny videos involving alcohol that would be totally inaprorpo), here is a funny clip about candy!

Why an MBA in Professional Accounting?

Why an MBA in Professional Accounting?

Superbowl  Halftime’s Left Shark Stole The Show!

Yay! MBAPA!!

But why switch careers to accounting?




The MBA in Professional Accounting is a great program for those who want to change their careers!  Students in the program could have undergraduate degrees ranging from Education to Biology.  Personally, my undergraduate degree was in Sociology with a minor in Human Resources Management (and almost a second minor in Psychology, but was a class short by the time I graduated).  I began my career straight out of undergrad in human resources, but found it was not the right place for me. So, when I was re-evaluating my career path, I found the exciting field of accounting!

The MBA in Professional Accounting at Canisius is one of the best programs in the country.  Through this program, you are able to sit for the CPA exam after you graduate and will also acquire an MBA.  There are multiple accounting graduate programs for non-accounting undergrad applicants, but most will get you a Masters in Accounting (MAcc) without the management skills.  Having the MBA combined with the CPA will make you an ideal candidate to future employers!  Plus, if one day you aspire to achieve a management level position in accounting, your MBA will keep you a step-ahead of the competition. And don’t forget, Canisius College is ranked # 1 for 2013 CPA exam pass rates for New York State in the large school category! (60 or more of first-time grad and undergrad test takers)

The scores don’t lie.  Canisius College is a great accounting school.  But be prepared to work for the degree!!  It’s not all paper-writing and concept-synthesizing like in an undergraduate Sociology course. Also, IT IS GRAD SCHOOL and grad school is tough!  The MBAPA program has an option to take day courses with the undergraduates, but you still have extra assignments as an MBA student.

Accrual! Get it?? Ha. ha. haaaa

At the end of the day, the MBAPA is a rigorous graduate program that produces bright accounting students.  The full-time day program takes about 2.5 years to complete due to the sequence of courses you need to take, and would be longer for the evening or part-time program.  The program is current;y 70 credit hours, which is more than the 48 credit hour Evening MBA and the 51 credit hour One Year MBA programs.  But in the end, you are coming out with a solid background in accounting.  Canisius College has a welcoming atmosphere and the small-school vibe with the big-school reputation.  When deciding on a school, I chose Canisius College for a variety of reasons and you should consider Canisius College and the MBAPA program too!


PS: As the weather outside is frightful, here’s a funny snow scene from The Office


Volunteering With VITA

Volunteering With VITA


Ben Wyatt of Parks and Rec


Accountants may be “bad to the bone”, but we do love to give back to the community!




Even as an accounting student, you can volunteer your time to help your community.  This year will be my first year with volunteering with VITA.  VITA is the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program offered through the IRS.  The program offers free tax basic income preparation to low-to-moderate income wage earners, persons with disabilities, the elderly, and limited English speaking taxpayers.


The VITA program that I am volunteering through is organized by the Buffalo Federation of Neighborhood Centers Inc., which provides tax and financial assistance to the Buffalo community all year long.  The Free Tax Preparation offered through their eight local sites prepared over 8,500 federal tax returns last year.  Those tax returns resulted in $13.5 million in tax refunds and $5.4 million in Earned Income Tax Credits brought back into the local economy.  Thus, volunteering with VITA is a great way to help the local community and economy.


The tax preparation for volunteers is completely free!  The IRS and United Way sponsors the program offered through the BFNC, so all of the course materials and training courses are free.  As a volunteer, you can be a greeter, screener, tax preparer, or quality reviewer with basic tax prep certification through the IRS.  You are also encouraged to certify (passing the tests at above 80%) as advanced, military, and international if you wish to learn more. Don’t worry, the BFNC has site coordinators and site supervisors who will be certified in the most current year and there to help you when in the field!  As a volunteer you can give as much or as little of your time to the program.  Of course, the more the better since there is such a large need for the assistance.  The training and certification happens now and the volunteering begins during Tax Season of January to April.  The volunteer sites have various times that they will be open, and the site coordinators are willing to work with your availability as a volunteer.  This is great for busy students and those with full-time jobs to still volunteer!



As a student new to the accounting world in the MBAPA program, I highly suggest volunteering your time with VITA.  Even if you are an undergraduate student or considering an MBA in a non-accounting field, you are just as encouraged to volunteer.  VITA is a great way to gain professional experience and people skills.  Plus, you’re giving back to the community and encouraging the growth of the Buffalo economy.  There’s still time to sign up for VITA volunteering for next year!



You can call 716-362-0744 or go fill out an interest form or contact the BFNC for more information. 🙂


PS: An adorable cat video for your enjoyment. Awwwww!!

Strategic Blogging

Strategic Blogging


Hello All! I hope your week has been going well. This week’s entry will delve into a project we are currently tasked with in our Strategic Management class. This class is unique because it is spread over two semesters. The course starts at the midpoint of the spring semester and continues until the end of the first summer session. It is a capstone course that requires the fulfillment of a project and many case studies. There are no exams! This week marked the due date of our first case study. The case study detailed the history of the video game industry. We had to write a paper explaining what we thought was the biggest issue currently facing the industry. It was a very interesting assignment.

In regards to the capstone project, the One-Year students were split into groups and each one picked a different company to work worth. The goal of the assignment is to help the chosen company with whatever business guidance they need. My group chose the Catholic Academy of West Buffalo. This is a highly diversified Catholic elementary school ranging from Pre-K to 8th grade. The school has been steadily increasing its academic standing amongst its peers. However, they need some marketing assistance to pull new students into their institution. We had our initial meeting with them on Thursday and are very excited to help them excel.

We are getting pretty close to the end of the semester. The wheels are in motion and every week feels like a triumph. Next week is cut short due to the holiday and we have a four day weekend! For those of you who will graduate after this semester, I wish you all the best. Keep up the hard work it’s almost over! Next week will be my last entry for the semester, but I’ll be back for the summer.