Community Day

Community Day


…Happy Snowman!




Happy Summer!






I finally finished all of my final exams and papers!  It is a great feeling to have about 1.5 weeks of a mini summer vacation.  Summer classes start on Monday May 18th, as well as my internship!  After searching and applying all year long to positions, I finally was offered an internship in accounting for the summer!!!  I’ll keep you updated with future blog posts. 🙂

We’re painting the roses red!

So I wanted to tell you about this awesome campus event that happens every fall and spring semesters,  Community Day!  On Saturday, April 18th, over 400 Canisius students volunteered at non-profit organizations throughout the city of Buffalo.  Many groups on campus organized their own teams to volunteer at sites.  Accounting Society had 14 students volunteer their Saturday morning, including me.  Even as a grad student you can volunteer!




We went to the Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic Church located at 317 Leroy Avenue and we spent the morning repainting their guard rails in the church’s parking lot yellow.  Next time, I definitely won’t be wearing jeans to Community Day, because I got them covered in paint!  We all had a fun time helping to paint in the warm sunshine.

Accounting Society Volunteers

Front of Blessed Trinity

After painting, we all got a tour of the beautiful church.  The church is a Nationally recognized historic landmark!  It was built in 1923 and is one of the best examples in the United States of the 12th century Lombard-Romanesque architecture of Northern Italy.


Community Day was a great way to volunteer and give back to Western New York.  If you’re looking to get involved beyond community day, I suggest checking out Canisius’s Community Service webpage.


PS: A year ago today (May 7th) I was accepted into the MBA program here at Canisius!  Isn’t that crazy how much changes in a year?  Last time this year I was still working with Toddlers at Doodlebugs and trying to decide what my next career move would be.  Where were you a year ago??  And to think that this time NEXT year, I will be preparing to graduate!

Here’s a funny Jimmy Fallon bit about Mother’s Day, as it is on May 10th!



Flying Bison Brewery Tour with MBAA

Flying Bison Brewery Tour with MBAA

From the new Netflix show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt




Candy sounds like a great dinner during this stressful Finals Week!



I wanted to catch you up on the great events that have been happening this semester!

Even though the MBA Alumni Association is an organization for those who have graduated from the MBA program at Canisius, students are welcome to attend their events which are held throughout the year.  From networking to presentations, the events are great for the professional development of the Canisius MBA community.

Flying Bison Brewery Logo

On Thursday, April 16th, the MBAA Association held a networking event and fundraiser for their MBA scholarship fund at Flying Bison Brewery.  This event was great because we got to tour the brewery and see how Flying Bison craft beer is produced locally in Buffalo!  With the recent economic growth of WNY, there has been a surge of local craft breweries.  Being able to learn, first-hand, from the Brewery Owner’s son on how they make their beer was fascinating!  I took a Biochemistry course during my year of post-baccalaureate studies (back when I thought I would be an OBGYN and go to a DO school to study medicine).  For the laboratory portion of the course, we spent six weeks fermenting grape juice with various sugar and yeast concentrations to understand the fermentation process.  Since beer is made with a very similar fermentation process, it was exciting to see the commercial applications of what was learned in Biochem lab!

Brewing Tanks

This event was the second to last event for the school year for the MBA Alumni Association.  Next week will be the Graduate Business Programs and MBAA Annual Mixer, which will include a silent auction and the Annual Awards presentation to several notable Canisius community members.  If you’re looking to network more with the Canisius business community as a student (or prospective student or alumni) I would totally suggest you come to the Annual Mixer on Friday May 8th so make sure to get your tickets to the event!

Since I’ll keep this censored (so many funny videos involving alcohol that would be totally inaprorpo), here is a funny clip about candy!

Doing Business in the EU Class

Doing Business in the EU Class

Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all



Happy spring everyone!

I can’t believe it’s almost finals week!




Off to Hogwarts! (A tad older than the students though)

I have been very very busy this semester with taking way too many courses.  So I apologize for being MIA on my blog posts.



For my one course, I got to spend my spring break in Europe!  There is a course offered in the spring for MBA students called Doing Business in the EU which is taught by Dr. Coral Snodgrass.



This is an online course that involves discussion with classmates on the current European business events, as well as a term paper at the end of the course.  For spring break, the class met and had seminar style learning in Paris, London, and Brussels!  We toured London’s financial district and culturally historic sites, as well as met with a wide variety of companies in these lovely cities.


Lonodn’s Financial District

My favorite was when we went to Brussels for the day and had a tour of Vanparys chocolate factory in Brussels, while learning about how the evolving company is growing into global markets and the trade regulations they face.  We also got to learn about the pharmaceutical industry at Sanofi S.A., the success of Euro Disney, multinational marketing with New Era’s London Office, as well as many other companies.  In Paris, we partnered with a French graduate international business school to work on a simulation exercise of negotiating HR benefits between a hypothetical European company branch with a NY branch.

Selfie with the Eiffle Tower


Though, what really impacted me was learning more about the area of International Finance!  We met with the VP of Societe Generale London, Yannick Lakoue-Derant.  We also visited the European Union Committee of Regions in Brussels and did a simulation exercise of the Greece negotiations for financial funding with the ECB and Eurozone countries.  Learning about international finance from banking and political standpoints really was of great interest to me.

As a result, my term paper is covering the forested EUR/USD currency exchange rates.  It has been a crazy time for the Euro, as it hit parity with the USD right before we went to Europe.  This was great for being a US citizen and traveling to Paris and Brussels where they use the Euro.  My paper delves into the Quantitative Easing monetary policy that the European Central Bank has begun, the risks of the Greek economy, and how macroeconomic theories are interwoven with the financial modeling and forecasting of the currency exchange rates.  This current event in the financial markets is important for the globally oriented manager.  Especially if it is a Eurozone company profiting from exporting their goods and service to the United States!  Hence, why international finance is so important in this day and age.

European Parliament in Brussels

All in all, this was an awesome class and totally worth the trip to Europe!  The class counts as part of the International Business MBA concentration or if you are fulfilling the electives of your choice for a general MBA then this class counts as an elective.  There was a bunch of One Year MBA students in the class as well!  Or even as an MBA in Professional Accounting, the class counts toward the MBA elective.  And some MS in Forensic Accounting students are able to take a few extra courses for their degree.  This class could fit with potentially any of the offered business degrees, so you could totally fit in the class!  I highly recommend this class and it is such a great learning experience!

All of the classmates off to Paris for the rest of the week on the Eurostar!


















Je voudrais une croissant.

MBAPA First Course Survival Tips

MBAPA First Course Survival Tips

Just keep studying..



Tips For Success In Class







Fall semester was my first accounting course, and boy was it tough!   (I started in the summer with regular MBA courses as the first accounting course is only taught during the Fall/Spring) The first accounting course is MBA701, Financial Accounting.  This is a combination of the Principals 1 and 2 of accounting that a first year student would take in the undergraduate program, but tougher and covers all the material in one semester.  It is taught as a night class only for the MBAPA students, so you will meet other classmates in the program.  As the semester progressed, you learn to use great study habits so that when the exam time rolled around, you are prepared to take the exam (or the cumulative project we had by the end of the semester).

Note Taking: Elle Woods Style

Here’s some great accounting class survival tips (in no particular order):

  • GO TO ALL CLASSES! This might sound like common sense, but if you miss a class then you have to teach yourself a chapter or more of material on your own, and that is tough.  Accounting material is taught fast, especially in night classes! Plus, class participation tends to be part of your grade.
  • Don’t have cell phone on in class. This also sounds like common sense, but if you haven’t learned from undergrad yet, accounting professors can see you when you try to text behind your book or on your lap. (and they think it is odd for you to be staring and smiling at your lap for half of the class)  Plus you’ll miss material if you don’t pay attention.
  • Take notes in class. It’s not like undergrad with power points for everything.  The professor will mention key info in class that isn’t from the book too!
  • Read before class and after class, and reread when studying for the exams. The textbook is your friend.  There are lots of examples and material to understand, so read!  Reading before class is SUPER important because you need to know the material in order to participate in class.

    HIMYM’s Marshall studying Law on a Friday night

  • Do the homework problems assigned, even if not for credit. The professor will most likely go over those homework problems in class or incorporate them into the lecture.  You can then ask questions about the example problems.  Also, accounting methods will stick to your memory more when you “push the pencil” and practice the concepts learned in class.
  • Study Study Study!!! The program is worth the time you put into it.  Start studying for exams at least a week before.  Have a plan of studying so it doesn’t come to the night before and you’re reviewing 10 chapters of notes at once!  Form a study group with classmates if that is your learning style.  And if studying at home is too distracting, the upper level “quiet floor” of the Canisius library is great! (Gets busy during finals week though and hard to find a table)  If not the library, you could try Tim Hortons, Panera, or Spot Coffee for great study locations!

    Don’t stress too much from classes, like Jeff from Community!

  • If you’re still lost and have questions, seek out the tutoring center.  Some classes have tutors specifically assigned to help with the class.  But if you’re looking for help with a difficult homework problem, or maybe a concept is just not gelling with you, go to the office hours for the accounting tutors at the tutoring center up on the third floor of Old Main!
Hopefully these tips are helpful!
Here’s a funny video, to bring back some 90s Nostalgia!

Why an MBA in Professional Accounting?

Why an MBA in Professional Accounting?

Superbowl  Halftime’s Left Shark Stole The Show!

Yay! MBAPA!!

But why switch careers to accounting?




The MBA in Professional Accounting is a great program for those who want to change their careers!  Students in the program could have undergraduate degrees ranging from Education to Biology.  Personally, my undergraduate degree was in Sociology with a minor in Human Resources Management (and almost a second minor in Psychology, but was a class short by the time I graduated).  I began my career straight out of undergrad in human resources, but found it was not the right place for me. So, when I was re-evaluating my career path, I found the exciting field of accounting!

The MBA in Professional Accounting at Canisius is one of the best programs in the country.  Through this program, you are able to sit for the CPA exam after you graduate and will also acquire an MBA.  There are multiple accounting graduate programs for non-accounting undergrad applicants, but most will get you a Masters in Accounting (MAcc) without the management skills.  Having the MBA combined with the CPA will make you an ideal candidate to future employers!  Plus, if one day you aspire to achieve a management level position in accounting, your MBA will keep you a step-ahead of the competition. And don’t forget, Canisius College is ranked # 1 for 2013 CPA exam pass rates for New York State in the large school category! (60 or more of first-time grad and undergrad test takers)

The scores don’t lie.  Canisius College is a great accounting school.  But be prepared to work for the degree!!  It’s not all paper-writing and concept-synthesizing like in an undergraduate Sociology course. Also, IT IS GRAD SCHOOL and grad school is tough!  The MBAPA program has an option to take day courses with the undergraduates, but you still have extra assignments as an MBA student.

Accrual! Get it?? Ha. ha. haaaa

At the end of the day, the MBAPA is a rigorous graduate program that produces bright accounting students.  The full-time day program takes about 2.5 years to complete due to the sequence of courses you need to take, and would be longer for the evening or part-time program.  The program is current;y 70 credit hours, which is more than the 48 credit hour Evening MBA and the 51 credit hour One Year MBA programs.  But in the end, you are coming out with a solid background in accounting.  Canisius College has a welcoming atmosphere and the small-school vibe with the big-school reputation.  When deciding on a school, I chose Canisius College for a variety of reasons and you should consider Canisius College and the MBAPA program too!


PS: As the weather outside is frightful, here’s a funny snow scene from The Office


Starting Right

Starting Right

Doin’ It Right



Here is the second week of the second semester of the one year MBA program. The long winter break was much needed; the first few weeks were spent in hibernation and recovery. I think I am much more prepared for this semester — organizationally speaking. There is a closet/office in my apartment that I have transformed into a study  complete with a full wall of cork board, floating dry erase boards, and shelving for each of the five classes I’m taking this semester. I expect this semester to be the meat to last years potatoes and with momentum and expectations in my favor I expect things to run smoothly!

Last semester was a slam dunk, with the exception of shortcomings with my blogging! I will make it up this semester for sure.



Some things that are on the agenda for me this semester: I need to find an internship for over the summer; this is indeed a case of the early bird getting the worm. I’m also seriously considering moving onto a graduate PhD program in accounting – I’m going to start to research more on that front and interview individuals in the trade to see what it might be like for me. In addition to interviewing, I also plan on looking into the American Journal of Accounting to see what the experts are researching these days. My cousin is a professor of economics at MIT and he said that accountants, especially accounting PhD’s, are in short supply and high demand these days – so, who knows, I’ll see if I like it!