Community Day

Community Day


…Happy Snowman!




Happy Summer!






I finally finished all of my final exams and papers!  It is a great feeling to have about 1.5 weeks of a mini summer vacation.  Summer classes start on Monday May 18th, as well as my internship!  After searching and applying all year long to positions, I finally was offered an internship in accounting for the summer!!!  I’ll keep you updated with future blog posts. 🙂

We’re painting the roses red!

So I wanted to tell you about this awesome campus event that happens every fall and spring semesters,  Community Day!  On Saturday, April 18th, over 400 Canisius students volunteered at non-profit organizations throughout the city of Buffalo.  Many groups on campus organized their own teams to volunteer at sites.  Accounting Society had 14 students volunteer their Saturday morning, including me.  Even as a grad student you can volunteer!




We went to the Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic Church located at 317 Leroy Avenue and we spent the morning repainting their guard rails in the church’s parking lot yellow.  Next time, I definitely won’t be wearing jeans to Community Day, because I got them covered in paint!  We all had a fun time helping to paint in the warm sunshine.

Accounting Society Volunteers

Front of Blessed Trinity

After painting, we all got a tour of the beautiful church.  The church is a Nationally recognized historic landmark!  It was built in 1923 and is one of the best examples in the United States of the 12th century Lombard-Romanesque architecture of Northern Italy.


Community Day was a great way to volunteer and give back to Western New York.  If you’re looking to get involved beyond community day, I suggest checking out Canisius’s Community Service webpage.


PS: A year ago today (May 7th) I was accepted into the MBA program here at Canisius!  Isn’t that crazy how much changes in a year?  Last time this year I was still working with Toddlers at Doodlebugs and trying to decide what my next career move would be.  Where were you a year ago??  And to think that this time NEXT year, I will be preparing to graduate!

Here’s a funny Jimmy Fallon bit about Mother’s Day, as it is on May 10th!



Another Great Canisius Experience

Another Great Canisius Experience

About 6 months ago, I received an email about retreats through campus ministries. As I was looking at the dates, I realized that the only date that worked for my schedule was my 25th birthday weekend. Ohhh what the heck? SIGN ME UP!

As the date drew closer, I realized that it has been many years since I’ve gone on a retreat and I would be going with women I had never met before.

As my 25th birthday came, I was in denial that I was 5 years away from 30. I was simply “not having this” for various personal reasons. BUT I was hopeful that this mini-vacation to Erie, PA would change my outlook on life. AND boy it sure did!

I stepped so far outside of my comfort zone both in my faith and in my personal life. I am familiar with the Catholic faith and have participated in many Catholic activities over the years. But like back then, I still found myself being uncomfortable since I am not Catholic and do not engage in the same practices in my own faith. I am a firm believer that my higher power is present regardless and I can learn about faith from any perspective.

Oh, did I mention that I stayed the night in the convent? In a room like the nuns stay in? As I gathered with the rest of the Canisius women for “evening prayer” with the nuns. I couldn’t help but think “What am I doing here?” There were so many songs, readings and things to remember!

It was a little uncomfortable eating dinner with a bunch of nuns too! But after the first meal it turned out to be my favorite part! It was so inspiring to hear the stories of these women including how they got to the convent, what their families were like, and the ministries that they serve in Erie.

One of the women even talked about her ministry as a counselor servicing those with PTSD and military families. She talked in depth about her experiences and opened up many new areas of knowledge for myself as an emerging counselor.

I wish I could say that my spirit was lifted through a particular event of this retreat, but it wasn’t. I was lifted through the work, the spirit and the faith of other women. I was touched by each woman’s story during this retreat weekend.

So where does CANISIUS play a role in this experience? I seriously love Canisius and everything that it has to offer. I almost regret not having been involved in campus ministries sooner. I loved seeing the bond between the women that knew each other and experiencing love from those women although I did not know them prior to this retreat. I loved the way that they spoke about Canisius College with such passion and love. A few were even retired from working at Canisius and came back for this retreat. THAT is how special this experience and Canisius is to them!

Peace and love.

Indiana in the news

Indiana in the news

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I am from Indiana. As anyone who isn’t living under a rock knows, Indiana and our esteemed governor Mike Pence, have passed a new law called the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act. This new law is very controversial and because of that, the facts have been muddled. So, since I’m not a political or legal expert I’m not going to talk the specifics of this law. Instead, I’m going to discuss about what I do know, my experience.

Hoosiers against the RFRA

Hoosiers against the RFRA

Most of the country has perceived the citizens of the humble state of Indiana to be as discriminatory as their new law. In fact, the Governor of New York has announced a ban on non-essential public travel to my home state. I believe that this is a bit extreme, however, as any good politician would do, I believe Governor Andrew Cuomo is playing off the political climate for his own benefit. I must of course say that not everyone in Indiana thinks this way. I know this from both personal experience and from my own beliefs and thoughts as an Indiana resident. In fact many residents opposed the creation of this new law, but our law makers, who we elected, decided that we needed this law. My Facebook feed has been filled with my friends arguing in both directions of the law. Even in our local government, views of this law are not unanimous. The mayor of Indianapolis has publicly opposed this law. Personally I find the law unnecessary, intentionally controversial, and divisive. I believe politicians have hijacked the Christian faith to further their career and that Christians should stop emulating them and instead emulate the more open and Chist-like people I have met here at Canisius.

The people here have been accepting and loving. I have never felt more welcome than here at Canisius. I have spoken to a couple Jesuits and people of other faiths about my personal beliefs which are not in agreement with theirs. However instead of trying to convert me, defensively arguing with me, or just leaving the conversation, these wonderful people have engaged me in conversation out of genuine curiosity and left their contact information for further conversations. We all have a great deal to learn from each other and this new law shuts down the conversation by allowing businesses to keep those they interact with to mirrors of themselves.

Hoosiers for the RFRA

Hoosiers for the RFRA

My personal experience leads me to believe that not all people of Indiana are close-minded or bigoted. On the contrary, many of my friends from back home are loving and accepting people. However I should mention that the conservative Christians that I met in New York are nearly identical to those in Indiana. They made me feel that I needed to live and believe like them to be completely accepted. This similarity between those of the same faith in different states leads me to logically conclude that the teachings of conservative Christianity either attracts already close-minded people or slowly molds previously open people into the kind of people who would refuse to help or even hinder two people of the same gender in their marriage. However, I must also assert that conservative Christians whom I have spent a great deal of time with in both states are also greatly loving. One gave me an extra bed he had. Once we went to a member’s house to help him pave his gravel driveway. Conservative Christians are not unloving, but in my experience and from my time as a conservative Christian, we can be resistant to accepting people and ideas that stretch our view of the world.

What have been your experiences with conservative Christianity or with the people of Canisius?