Hot Buffalo Summer

Hot Buffalo Summer

So it’s summer.  And it’s warm.  And I have summer classes.  With my summer classes, I have to do two field placements.  One is for my special education extension.  The placement is through BOCES Summer School and I actually start tomorrow.  I am excited to meet the 6 kiddos I will be working with, but also nervous because they are students that are in real need of the offered extra school year.  The students here are 18-20 years old with severe disabilities, a group with whom I have never worked with.  I am definitely excited to get to know them and learn amazing things from them.  I am positive that I will be learning more from them then they will be learning from me.  The second placement is a summer camp through the D.I Program and I am also really excited for that.  We get to create our own theme so my group has chosen to do animals.  We are excited to be taking them to the Buffalo Zoo and hopefully doing many other activities with them!  They are a younger bunch (first and second graders) so I know they will love it!  I start planning with my group on Thursday and I cannot wait!


Summer classes usually sound like a bummer.  I know my brother is taking one online class and he is already unhappy.  I am taking three, and as much as I am starting to get stressed, I know it will totally worth it.


However, since summer classes have only just started, I do not have much of an update of cool things I have learned.  So until then, I just want to tell you about Canalside.  Seriously, I am in love with that place and if I could build a house there for the summers, I probably would (because who wants to live near the lake during winter with lake effect…….seven feet of snow anyone?!?).  Canalside is an extension of the Erie Basin Marina, which my family and I would go to ALL the time when we were kids.  We would walk and listen to the music, even get some ice cream.  But I will admit that the EBA got old after a while.  There was nothing new happening, and as a child, that’s boring.  Now as an adult, I can go there, relax and love it.  Its simple ways made me appreciate it in a way that I have not before, so definitely check it out!  But anyways, back to Canalside.  So this extension is simply amazing.  There is a restaurant, a small ice cream stand, as well as a small area that serves alcohol (perfect first date spot, all areas in one :)).  On top of that, there is a sand pit area for kids, kayak rentals, as well as a sea of colorful adirondack chairs.  A short walk away there is a new area that contains an ice rink in the winter, but a “pool” in the summer which you can rent paddle boats and water bikes.  This new area is also home to Shark Girl, a Buffalo favorite.


See how much there is to do there?  And that isn’t even everything.  Each Thursday they hold a concert series that is hugely popular with Buffalonians.  Also, this past weekend they held an amazing 4th of July event with record crowds.  There was food, music, and an amazing fireworks display.  I have been to other local displays but this one is by far the best with literally a half hour show of beautiful fireworks.  They also host a variety of other events including different workout classes.  Don’t you want to move there now?  Thought so.

Buffalo is a city that is up and coming.  There is so much to do that wasn’t there when I was a kid.  I am so happy to see it getting better instead of worse.  Attending Canisius and being so close by is awesome.  Canalside is a hop, skip, jump away!  When you attend graduate school here, make sure you take time to see things like Canalside as well as events like the Allentown Arts Festival, Taste of Buffalo, and so much more!

Adios, Canisius!

Adios, Canisius!

Hello, Canisius!

Wow! It’s hard to believe that I have officially completed my Masters degree! Two and half years of hard work and graduate school is a wrap!

That being said, this is also my very last blog post 🙁

Internship 1… So many great memories!

I don’t even know where to begin in talking about all of the things I truly love about Canisius.

I actually found Canisius pretty randomly. My high school counselor went here and when I decided to pursue a Masters in school counseling, I looked at her Facebook page and saw that she attended Canisius. I did very little research on the school and decided to apply about a week before I walked at my undergraduate commencement. I said my prayers and sent in my application, and about six weeks later I was accepted! My mother was the one to inform me of the news over the phone when she called and as soon as she read my acceptance letter, I said to myself: “You’re really moving to Buffalo.” Little did I know, this decision would be the most life changing choice I have made.

Internship 2… Many more great learning experiences and fun!

Over the past week, I have had the opportunity to speak to TWO students who are attending Canisius next year. One graduate student coming to the school counseling program and one high school student in one of the classes I coteach who is attending Canisius in the fall for business. The graduate student I saw seemed very excited and enthusiastic about starting her new experience. The high school student’s face lit up when he talked about starting at Canisius. I loved telling both incoming students how much I love Canisius and they seemed very appreciative of the fact that I spoke highly of the college. I found myself getting a little emotional at the thought of knowing that I will not be a student there anymore. I love having these experiences to share my love for learning, Buffalo, and Canisius with potential and incoming students. They have so much fire in their eyes and I know they want to be successful at Canisius.

At Canisius, I have had the opportunity to be in the presence of such inspirational people throughout the past few years. From positive professors and mentors to and encouraging college personnel, my life has been forever changed.

The Canisius counseling program has taught me to make mistakes. If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not learning and growing. This started in my practicum and internship experiences. As I was practicing my skills and actually making mistakes, that is how I was LEARNING.

Celebrating with my closest friends and a former student and friend!

This program has taught me to extend myself and step outside of my comfort zone to open myself to novel experiences. I have done this in professional, social, and personal aspects of my life. I understand the importance and the value in engaging in experiences that may make me feel a little uncomfortable. Throughout my time at Canisius, I have been a part of various experiences that I never ever would have had the courage or mind-set to do had it not been for my experiences at Canisius College.

My cap! This shouldn’t surprise anyone!

I have recently been offered a job in Florida, and I am considering making this my step in my career. I think I had a I not been through this program, I never would have grown in to the woman I am today. I am so very thankful for the many experiences that Canisius has offered me to grow and learn both as a student but as a person.

Being a student blogger for the program has allowed me to represent Canisius as a student and as an individual. I have reflected on myself, my counseling skills, and my positive (and negative) experiences through my blog. I have met people and read about their own students at Canisius that I never would have done if I hadn’t blogged for my program. I remember when I received an email asking me to join the team and I was so excited to represent my college.

If you’re reading this as a potential graduate student, this is me telling you to GO FOR IT! Whether it be counseling, education, or any other program, Canisius is a great environment to learn and grow. If you’re still a student, keep soaking up Canisius. Graduation will come and you will look back and realize WHO you are.

Be who you are becoming.

Peace and love.

Community Day

Community Day


…Happy Snowman!




Happy Summer!






I finally finished all of my final exams and papers!  It is a great feeling to have about 1.5 weeks of a mini summer vacation.  Summer classes start on Monday May 18th, as well as my internship!  After searching and applying all year long to positions, I finally was offered an internship in accounting for the summer!!!  I’ll keep you updated with future blog posts. 🙂

We’re painting the roses red!

So I wanted to tell you about this awesome campus event that happens every fall and spring semesters,  Community Day!  On Saturday, April 18th, over 400 Canisius students volunteered at non-profit organizations throughout the city of Buffalo.  Many groups on campus organized their own teams to volunteer at sites.  Accounting Society had 14 students volunteer their Saturday morning, including me.  Even as a grad student you can volunteer!




We went to the Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic Church located at 317 Leroy Avenue and we spent the morning repainting their guard rails in the church’s parking lot yellow.  Next time, I definitely won’t be wearing jeans to Community Day, because I got them covered in paint!  We all had a fun time helping to paint in the warm sunshine.

Accounting Society Volunteers

Front of Blessed Trinity

After painting, we all got a tour of the beautiful church.  The church is a Nationally recognized historic landmark!  It was built in 1923 and is one of the best examples in the United States of the 12th century Lombard-Romanesque architecture of Northern Italy.


Community Day was a great way to volunteer and give back to Western New York.  If you’re looking to get involved beyond community day, I suggest checking out Canisius’s Community Service webpage.


PS: A year ago today (May 7th) I was accepted into the MBA program here at Canisius!  Isn’t that crazy how much changes in a year?  Last time this year I was still working with Toddlers at Doodlebugs and trying to decide what my next career move would be.  Where were you a year ago??  And to think that this time NEXT year, I will be preparing to graduate!

Here’s a funny Jimmy Fallon bit about Mother’s Day, as it is on May 10th!



Meditating Your Way Through Finals

Meditating Your Way Through Finals

Hey there Griffs!

Finals week is that magical time that happens at the end of every semester when we have to try and cram everything that we learned during the semester back into our brains so that we can try and pass a test. There’s long nights, lots of time spent with notes, and a high stress environment. But there are ways that I have personally learned to make it bearable. One of those ways is meditation. Research has proven that meditation can help to lower stress levels and in turn, help you to learn more information faster.

Some people don’t think that they can do it because they’ve never practiced it or it won’t work for them. But, I have learned that it is all about being open minded and you don’t even need to just sit cross legged in silence for a long period of time. There are multiple forms of mediation that allow you to listen to soothing music, or listen to directions to calm your mind, or there are even some active forms of meditation. I’m going to tell you some of the ways that I have personally used and I hope they help you through this tough time.


Music Meditation

Music alone is proven to help keep our focus and help productivity. It helps us to keep our brain on task. Sometimes the silence is even more stressful.  I find it useful to listen to soothing music if I am in high stress situations, such as finals. Plug in your headphones and feel instantly relaxed! There are playlists on Pandora and Spotify that will play soothing meditations and zen songs. I’ll link a few of my favorites below:



Zen Garden Radio:

Calm Meditation:

Soothing Sounds:



Study Music for Concentration:

Yoga and Meditation Music:

Weekend Relaxation:

Just pop these songs on when you’re studying or writing your final papers and feel instantly calmed. They typically won’t have any words so that rids the distraction of music that you would want to sing to. I find this really soothing and helpful.


Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation is a technique that you should do while you aren’t doing anything else. It should be a time to take a break from studying and give your brain a bit of rest. You need to either sit on a comfy chair, on the floor, or I find it most relaxing to lay on my bed. The audio will walk you through the deep breathing and directions and you just need to follow along. It is NOT a hypnosis. You are always in complete control of your mind and you can open your eyes at any time. I find this technique the most helpful for me. It may leave you tired when you are done for about 15 minutes, but then I always get a burst of energy as if I’ve taken a nap. I also like to use these to help me sleep at night when I have anxiety or stress. I’ll link some of my favorite ones below.

My most favorite Guided Meditation:

Deep Relaxation:

Stress Relief:

Anxiety Relief

Guided Meditation for Sleep



I have also found that yoga is a great way to take a break and give your brain a rest. If you are more active, this might help you get up and move a little bit and stretch your body. I am in no way a yoga master. I am still in the stretching phases. I found some guided yoga practice videos for beginners that are great. They give you just a little bit of a break and it feels great on your body.




Beginners Class:

Fat Burning Yoga for Beginners:


I wish you all the best of luck during this stressful time! I hope you can find the time to try out some of these stress relievers so that you can get a little bit of a break. Remember that taking the extra time to relieve your stress will actually save you time in the long run because you will be more focused. Good luck on your tests, papers, and presentations!

Thanks for reading and Stay Golden!

Doing Business in the EU Class

Doing Business in the EU Class

Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all



Happy spring everyone!

I can’t believe it’s almost finals week!




Off to Hogwarts! (A tad older than the students though)

I have been very very busy this semester with taking way too many courses.  So I apologize for being MIA on my blog posts.



For my one course, I got to spend my spring break in Europe!  There is a course offered in the spring for MBA students called Doing Business in the EU which is taught by Dr. Coral Snodgrass.



This is an online course that involves discussion with classmates on the current European business events, as well as a term paper at the end of the course.  For spring break, the class met and had seminar style learning in Paris, London, and Brussels!  We toured London’s financial district and culturally historic sites, as well as met with a wide variety of companies in these lovely cities.


Lonodn’s Financial District

My favorite was when we went to Brussels for the day and had a tour of Vanparys chocolate factory in Brussels, while learning about how the evolving company is growing into global markets and the trade regulations they face.  We also got to learn about the pharmaceutical industry at Sanofi S.A., the success of Euro Disney, multinational marketing with New Era’s London Office, as well as many other companies.  In Paris, we partnered with a French graduate international business school to work on a simulation exercise of negotiating HR benefits between a hypothetical European company branch with a NY branch.

Selfie with the Eiffle Tower


Though, what really impacted me was learning more about the area of International Finance!  We met with the VP of Societe Generale London, Yannick Lakoue-Derant.  We also visited the European Union Committee of Regions in Brussels and did a simulation exercise of the Greece negotiations for financial funding with the ECB and Eurozone countries.  Learning about international finance from banking and political standpoints really was of great interest to me.

As a result, my term paper is covering the forested EUR/USD currency exchange rates.  It has been a crazy time for the Euro, as it hit parity with the USD right before we went to Europe.  This was great for being a US citizen and traveling to Paris and Brussels where they use the Euro.  My paper delves into the Quantitative Easing monetary policy that the European Central Bank has begun, the risks of the Greek economy, and how macroeconomic theories are interwoven with the financial modeling and forecasting of the currency exchange rates.  This current event in the financial markets is important for the globally oriented manager.  Especially if it is a Eurozone company profiting from exporting their goods and service to the United States!  Hence, why international finance is so important in this day and age.

European Parliament in Brussels

All in all, this was an awesome class and totally worth the trip to Europe!  The class counts as part of the International Business MBA concentration or if you are fulfilling the electives of your choice for a general MBA then this class counts as an elective.  There was a bunch of One Year MBA students in the class as well!  Or even as an MBA in Professional Accounting, the class counts toward the MBA elective.  And some MS in Forensic Accounting students are able to take a few extra courses for their degree.  This class could fit with potentially any of the offered business degrees, so you could totally fit in the class!  I highly recommend this class and it is such a great learning experience!

All of the classmates off to Paris for the rest of the week on the Eurostar!


















Je voudrais une croissant.

The Perks of Being Positive!

The Perks of Being Positive!

Hey there Griffs!

Have you every found yourself grumpy and unable to get out of the mood? Do you find yourself thinking negative thoughts instead of being positive? Do you ever want to be one of those people who are happy all the time? Well you’re in luck! Today I’m here to talk about how you can start journey to positivity and how it can help you in school, at work, and with your general well being.

First, I have a disclaimer. Positive people aren’t always happy. Everyone makes mistake, everybody has those days (Hannah Montana fans finish that line for me). It takes a lot of brain training and work to become positive. Personally, it’s taken me 8 years of dedicated changes to my life to get where I am today, and of course, I can still improve. The process may be slow, but you have to stick with it and strive to make yourself better each and everyday.

So what do we do?

The goal isn’t to overlook the bad things in life. We need to remember that not everything smells like roses. What we can do, is change our mindset to pull the positive out of the negative and try and find ways to make situations better. We need to work to make ourselves feel good in our own skin and in our own mind. I think its also important to spread this positivity onto others.

For example, in school we are often bogged down with that huge research paper, a test, and a project due all at the same time. This can be a stressful situation for anyone. We could get caught up in our negative emotions and decide to procrastinate the work. Or, we can decide to be positive and power through all the work and try to get something positive out of it, like a good grade. Its all really about the way you react to situations.

The thing that really encouraged me to start being more positive is the movie called The Secret. It gives tips and tricks about what to do in your everyday life to be a more positive person. I highly reccommend watching the movie. They currently have it on Netflix. There is also a book if you choose to go that route. It is written by Rhonda Byrne. It’s really a great message and anyone can get something out of it.



What are the benefits of positivity? 

1. Coping with Stress: People who are positive are going to be able to handle stress much easier than those who are pessimistic. Optimists are going to go into situations happier and with a lighter attitude about things. They will also be able to see the positives in bad situations, which will help them get over the stressful situation.

2. Improves your health: Research studies have shown that people with negative emotions have a weaker immune system because of differences in brain activation. Think about a time that you’ve been stressed. It may cause you to have a headache or even catch a cold. Happier minds lead to happier bodies. Positive people have less of a chance to have cardiovascular problems, less depression, and a longer life according to research.

3. Better relationships: It is our human nature that we want to be around happy, positive things. If we are happier, it will attract people around us and the quality of our friendships will be higher. When we have a positive mind, we often decide to ignore people’s defaults or weaknesses and care more about what we like about that person.

4. Turning problems into opportunities: Just like the example I gave before, positive people can take a bad situation and pull the good out of it. We can turn a glass half empty into a glass half full depending on how we look at situations. This takes a lot of brain training, but deciding to take our bad situations and turn them into a chance to grow can really benefit us in the long run.

5. Seeing the good things in life: Once you start to change your mindset, you will start to see all of the great things we have in our lives instead of what we are lacking. It will help us to appreciate our life and everything in it. We will have a better sense of gratitude and be thankful for our blessings.


How to get started:

Positive Thinking Meditation: I really love meditations and I have found that guided meditations have really helped me become more positive and refresh my mind when I need it. Just click on the link, put your headphones in and listen. You could be doing homework, laying in bed, or just browsing the internet. The only think that is important is that you listen to the message and take it in. Some of the videos may tell you to close your eyes and take deep breaths. You do not have to do this, but it will help you, especially if you are stressed.


Here are a few that I find helpful:

Guided Meditation for Healing: Experience the Pure Loving Energy of the Universe


50 Positive Thoughts to Live an Awesome Life


Positive Thinking Meditation Music


How to Reprogram Your Mind for Positive Thinking


I hope you guys can work towards a more positive life! It is really worth the hard work and dedication. You will start to see yourself change and become happier, become more productive, and spread it onto others around you.



Thanks for reading and Stay Golden!