Anyone, Anyone? Bueller?

What kind of teacher do we want to be upon completion of Graduate School?   Here are some of the teaching styles encountered thus far along the way:

The Bueller – Speaks…in…monotone..loves…research…but probably hasn’t taught an actual child since Moses created the tablet.  Can commonly be heard saying, “The scientist attached to this theory is….?  Usual reaction from the students is an instantaneous head jerk while simultaneously clicking “Like” on the latest Facebook puppy meme, at the same time thinking  “Please don’t pick me, I promise to listen next time…Oh, more puppy memes!”

Amazing Grace – The pedagogue who makes every day worth the effort and workload; epitomizes the definition of “teacher” and brings back sweet childhood memories of that one teacher we all remember. (more…)

The Dinosaur Who Attended Grad School

Graduate School!  How exciting it was to think about finally becoming a teacher after many years, and acquiring my Masters Degree at the same time!  Exciting and challenging; you see, I’m a “mature” student; mature in age, yet not in manner’.  What led me to attend Canisius after completing my undergrad in 1996 (yes, I dated Fred Flintstone…and Barney)?   (more…)

Top Ten Reasons

Top Ten Reasons

I passed two student tours yesterday, both led by enthusiastic undergrads (I think they were undergrads).  There is something so hopeful about a college tour; it inspired me to compose a list.  Yes, a list: a bunch of reasons why I like doing graduate work at Canisius.  Here is my top ten list for your hopeful enjoyment.


1. If you park in the ramp, it is a really close walk to campus (and it’s quite pretty in the snow).
2. I have had some truly inspiring teachers.
3. The other people in my program are really nice and equally as interested in education as I am.
4. The salads in the dining hall are delicious (especially if you put the sesame seeds on them).
5. Canisius has opened me up to a part of Buffalo that I was not familiar with (although I’ve heard that the public transportation is slightly dangerous here, but I can’t confirm this because I drive in my car).
6. The administrators are extremely helpful.
7. The campus has a friendly, safe feeling.
8. Getting selected for The National Writing Project (hosted by Canisius) during the summer was an awesome experience (I have a writing group because of it).
9.  I loved going to Hillview Elementary for my observation hours.  This was one of the highlights of the program for me.
10. The professors treat you with respect and go out of their way to help you find the right educational path for you (mine has diverted quite considerably along the way and I have found that my professors have written me recommendations for jobs I’ve wanted or have talked to me about possible jobs that I might be interested in).

Anyway, there are some negatives to going here–mainly it’s really expensive, but for me, in my life, right now, I am so glad I picked this school.