End of First Session! (Or, in other words, the first six weeks of summer have already passed by!)

End of First Session! (Or, in other words, the first six weeks of summer have already passed by!)

Welcome Fellow Readers!

It is indeed that time again for celebration! What are we celebrating, you may ask?

Is it the recently past Summer Solstice?

No… Not that that isn’t exciting! Who doesn’t love a good summer day? You know, the kinda day that is low humidity, light breeze, and is in the 70s?… Or is that late spring…?

Anyway, no, we aren’t celebrating that!

Then, what else could it be?

Well, if you’re one of the few that decided, “Hey, you know what sounds like a good idea? School, but, like, in the summer!”, then this one goes out to you! Yes, you! I’m happy to announce that you have, indeed, made it through the first six weeks of courses offered over the summer!

…And yes, if you just looked at that and thought, “Okay, but I’m pretty sure while I may feel like Dumbledore, my brain is more on the level that Snape is here… You know, mentally exhausted, drained, but somehow still registering I did it, and so I have a goofy smile on my face.”, then that is perfectly acceptable, too! The point here is that you acknowledge that you’ve made it through!

And to those of you who thought, “You know what sounds even better? School, but, like, for TWELVE weeks out of the summer!”, or maybe even, “You know, I like school and all, but I need the first six weeks of summer before I feel up to school again.”, then I’m here to tell you, “SURPRISE! YOUR TIME HAS COME! In just a little less than two weeks, you will again rejoice with the opportunity to widen your paradigm and learn even more knowledge! I hope you’re ready!… Because ready or not, it’ll be here soon!”

Do what you love…

Hi everyone!

Today marks the day of my last blog. I cannot believe that the semester is nearing its end and that I will be walking for graduation on May 16th. I say walking because I am taking one more class this summer and then I will officially have my MS in Community and School Health. WOW! I feel old.

I just wanted to offer some advice to those of you exploring different Master’s programs in Buffalo or in other parts of the country. Do what you love! Find a subject area that interests you and pursue higher education in that area. There is nothing worse than waking up and dreading going to a job every day. You don’t just want a paycheck; you deserve other fulfillment (that money cannot provide). (more…)

Time is precious…

Hello everyone!!!

In the words of my boyfriend, I would like to “switch up” the previous topics of my blogs and instead focus on the convenience of online classes. On Friday the 13th, I left Buffalo after work to spend some time in Horseheads, NY (outside of Elmira) with my family for my paternal grandfather’s 90th birthday. With the ease of online classes, I was able to really enjoy myself and spend time with family that I am only able to see at most once or twice a year.

Literally, as long as I have a computer, I can “go to school”. Everything that I need to be successful is there. Fortunately, the hotel that we were staying at had a hotel and free computer access, so I just hopped on there and took care of making a couple of posts for a class. Also, I did not have to worry about making it back for a particular class, so the stress was definitely alleviated and I could enjoy the time with my family.

There are few things more precious than time. The flexibility of being able to attend school and pursue a Master’s degree online is incredible! It gives me the feeling that I control my time and (more…)

Introduction to Spring II!

Hello readers,

I am sitting here writing on March 22nd and can you believe it, it is 78 degrees and sunny.  Who said that Buffalo is ALWAYS freezing? I can’t believe that March is almost over.  As cliché as it sounds, time is really going by so fast.

Like usual, this week has been busy so far.  On Monday, we came back from Spring Break, one that was restful for me because my two first session classes ended and my second session classes had not begun.  Therefore, it was really a true break, at least from school!  Also, it was well worth it because I found out that I got A’s in both of my classes.  Despite the fact that working full-time and going to school in difficult, I proved that I could do it successfully once again.

For this session, I am taking Health Impacts on Academic Success K-12 and I am doing an Independent Study based on another class that is being offered, State of the Nation’s Child.  Kathy Hassey, the same professor that co-taught Leadership Initiatives is teaching Health Impacts and I am LOVING it.  The focus of this week is to introduce us to the vital role of school nurses in every school system. Kathy required us to post on VoiceThread to introduce (more…)