For those who claim that accounting is a dry subject and that it cannot be exciting, I suggest taking one of the Forensic Accounting classes at Canisius. While our definition of “fun” may differ, I can confidently assure that these courses will exceed your expectations. The classes are designed to incorporate current topics of white-collar crime by tackling how an investigation takes place and the specific laws applying to the cases. What I have found is that the topics are fascinating and the professors incorporate exciting ways to teach.

One example involves a mock-case that was assigned through-out the semester. The assignment was to conduct an investigation on a fictitious company and see if a fraud was occurring at the company. The process of gathering evidence and discovering the crime was a fun process! The case provided a first-hand example of what a fraud investigation truly entails. As the cases were coming to a close and the suspects were narrowed down, the professor added an extra element that transitioned the projects from good to great. In class at the time we were learning about different interviewing strategies. These strategies included certain mannerisms to look for as it may indicate a person avoiding the truth (something applicable to both investigating and the poker table!) Getting back to the project, once the suspects were identified, alumni who were familiar with the case came into class and acted as one of the suspects. The next step was to interview the suspects and try to get a confession. While this was a fun exercise, it cemented the different techniques used for interviewing.

Again, our definition of “fun” may differ but the classes in the Forensic Accounting program are not your typical classes. Each class has presented an interactive way of learning about an extremely interesting topic. Currently, I am roughly half way through the Forensic Accounting program and I am excited to see what the second half has in store for me! Be sure to check back for more!