The first week and a half of school are complete and it’s looking to be a busy semester for me.  I’ll be taking two classes on campus with another class taking place at Ralph Wilson Stadium.  Along with those classes, I’ll be working here at the admissions office and I will be interning with the Buffalo Sabres for the season.  The good thing is that I’ll stay busy, but the bad is that it will cut into my obsessive need of watching Sopranos DVD’s.  I’ll get over it. 

Away from the school front, I was home in North Carolina for a lovely wedding weekend.  My sister got married on Saturday and it was amazing.  I got to see my whole family for the first time in forever and the ceremony/celebration was first class. 

Being back in Buffalo, I am back in working mode, trying to catch up on work from the class that I missed last week because of the wedding.  I’ll keep everybody posted throughout the semester.  Be sure to keep following all of the graduate student’s journeys.