Special Events Class

Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.

Special Olympics Motto-

One of the great classes that this program offers is Special Events.  This class is an elective, only offered in the spring that focuses on sport event management. This is a great class that offers insights and focuses on major elements in running these events. The class’s main focus is developing, organizing, and implementing a fundraiser for a local charity.  This year we chose the Special Olympics Western Region to be the beneficiary of all monies raised in this event.  The program has been going on for nine years and this was the 10th anniversary of the Bowl N’ Blast. Including this year the Bowl N’ Blast has raised over $81,000 dollars to charities in the Buffalo!

This year’s event was held this past Sunday, April 19th at the Transit Lanes here in Buffalo, NY.  We had a phenomenal time and were able to raise over $6,000 to give to the Special Olympics Western Region.  As a class we did a great job, but this project really brought us closer together as a group.  We had 12 very passionate students whom really wanted the program to succeed and it showed.  This year had a few firsts for the class and the program.  First, we developed our own logo and completely revamped all marketing pieces and ideas.  We also were the first class in a long time to get a presenting sponsor for $1500, and amassed over $3200 in sponsorships alone.  We also were the first programs in five years to have media outlets cover the event.  This year’s class did a great job and we were able to provide funding for a good cause.

The students, and especially Dr. O’Rourke, our director, have a strong connection to the community and to causes like this one.  Sport can be a causal agent of change in the world, and classes like this help. Far to often we get buckled down by the flash, glitz, and money that accompany intercollegiate and professional sports. We forget the pure and wholesome ideals of what sport is all about. The athletes of the Special Olympics embody these ideals about sport, and I can speak for our class when I say that we were proud to be apart of a good cause. If you would like to read more about our fundraiser please click the link below.


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