Not sure what it is, hoping it’s just the change in weather, but I’ve had a killer headache for the last couple days and it’s not helping my productivity.  Can’t believe classes are winding up soon, trying to stay on top of my assignments, and even get ahead if I can.  It’s really nice out today — 78 degrees — but they’re calling for storms later, which is fine cause I love thunderstorms.

I’ve been missing NYC a lot lately, and my friends who are still there are constantly asking me when I’m coming back, but it’s sort of bumming me out even more.  I know they’re not trying to make me feel bad, but I’m pretty frustrated with the job search, and I know they mean well but it’s just making me feel defeated and upset.  I’ve been talking to a lot of people who are graduating soon or have recently graduated and they all seem to be having the same problem.  I have had a couple of call backs about applications, so that has me feeling a little better about it, but I still won’t be happy until I have a job offer and can comfortably afford to live and start paying back my school loans.

I’m not exactly sure how the summer sessions at Canisius work, so if someone wants to fill me in, I’d really appreciate it.  I’m not sure when classes start/end, and I looked at my schedule but that was less than helpful.  I’m trying to concentrate finishing this semester before looking ahead to summer, but it will be here before I know it and I’d like to be prepared and ready to go when it’s time, especially because I’m pretty sure my classes are short sessions, which I’m guessing is going to mean a ton of work in a short period of time.

As are many other hockey fans, I’ve been watching a TON of hockey games in the last week or so.  I can’t believe how many series are going to game 7, and I can’t wait to see how it all works out.  Also glad to hear that the NFL lockout is being worked on, whether it will be followed through by the owners/managers, that’s another story.  It’s sad to me that it’s always about large sums of money, when the fans just want to watch the game being played.  But I guess money is what makes the world go around…or something like that?

I hope everyone had a good Easter.  I spent it with my family at my brothers house, with some family.  We watched the Sabres/Flyers games and just ate and played some poker, nothing too crazy but it was good to see them.

Until next time…