It’s crazy to believe, but there’s only one summer course standing between me and the end of my career in the Canisius MBA in Professional Accounting program. It seems like just yesterday I was walking up the stairs in Old Main for my graduate school orientation.

Although my time at Canisius has flown by, it is incredible just how much I have learned in these past two years. Inside the classroom, I developed an understanding not only of the basic material of the courses, but how that material will be applicable in real world situations, which I find to be an invaluable part of the curriculum of the Canisius accounting program. I feel as though my classes have prepared me extremely well for both the CPA exam and for the work world.

In addition, I learned a lot outside of the classroom. For instance, at events like Meet the Accountants Night, career panels, and various other presentations, I became familiarized with the incredibly vast amount of career opportunities that are available to accounting students, especially students coming from Canisius’s well-known program. Furthermore, the countless events held at Canisius really helped me learn how to network and socialize in a business setting.

Last but surely not least, I developed such great relationships at Canisius; very quickly, my classmates became friends, and my professors became mentors. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with these students as well as with the professors at Canisius, and I have learned so much from both. True, the MBA in Professional Accounting program at this school is extremely rigorous, but I strongly believe it offers the most well-rounded education in the area. Although I am looking forward to starting my career, I will certainly miss my Canisius family and am so thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow at such a wonderful institution.