We’re back on the grind. Back in Buffalo after an amazing weekend at home. I got to spend time with some family, friends and BBQ. Can’t get better than that. But, now we are back to reality, working everyday and trying to mold the future into something poetic. Now that I am done with class for the summer I have a lot of free time. I do work every day but once 4:30 hits, it’s a whole new ballgame. I’m currently spending my free time looking for different internship options for the fall as well as looking at job openings around the country and fantasizing about that one sweet day. But we still got a little time to go before that happens.

I am also spending my time watching the Women’s World Cup. There is not a lot that I enjoy more than watching the good ol’ United States compete. The win against Brazil over the weekend was something special. The country watched and cheered as we all got a free lesson in resiliency and determination. Two things that are very important in all of life, especially for all those looking for work.

I’m now stepping down from my mini soapbox to join the crowd. See you guys and gals next week!