And I thought switching gears was a break in itself….but I’m not going to complain having a week off of class was pretty nice! Wish I could’ve went someplace a little warmer than Buffalo…burrrr!!!

Nevertheless I spent most of my spring break at Buffalo Cardiology and Pulmonary Associates. Apart from my online class I have recently started one of the two possible internships for this program. So far I’m really enjoying my internship site. The facility is HUGE, to say the least, and everyone is more than welcoming. I’m currently interning in the Cardiac Rehabilitation center, working along side of the Exercise Physiologists. The patients we see are those who have just recently been released from the hospital after having bypass or open heart surgery. After receiving the ok from their doctor we formulate an exercise program to rehab them back to health. While the patients are exercising we frequently check their blood pressure and heart rate to make sure their levels are rising at a healthy level. We also have them hooked up to a monitoring system so we can regulate their EKG strips.

From what I can see the patients are showing tremendous progress and it brings me great joy knowing that I have helped in some way!

Until next time!