So I got back to New York City, living with my friend Devin from home for the month, looking for jobs and just taking a mental break from home.  It’s been an adventure thus far, and it’s only been 3 days.  I took the train from Rochester, which I’ve never done before, and it wasn’t as bad than I thought it would be, except I couldn’t fall asleep.  It’s a 7 hour ride, so I got some reading done and did some homework.  

I got in on Thursday (June 30) around 1 pm, getting in at Penn Station brought back a lot of memories, and seeing Madison Square Garden was great.  I hit a cab and headed up town to meet up with Devin to get settled in my room in our apartment.  This building is so great, and it is definitely a place I would consider moving into full time, providing I get a job here.  I met a couple of Devin’s friends from here and they’re all really nice and we’ve had some fun adventures in my short time here thus far.

Yesterday was Devin’s birthday so we went to this really cute French cafe downtown, then her friends had gotten her tickets for the Mets vs Yankees game, I however didn’t have a ticket because her friends didn’t know I was coming, but I was able to get standing room only tickets and stood/sat near them during the game.  I had never been to Citi Field so it was great to see another stadium in New York.  I forgot how much I love New York sporting events, and this was such a fun game.  New Yorkers are very passionate about their sports, so when 2 NY teams play, it’s such an energizing atmosphere.

It’s also funny to look at people attending the games, family members, couples, siblings, who may be from opposing sides in terms of teams, but they all are there to enjoy the game.  This was definitely something I had wanted to do for a while, and I lucked out being able to get tickets.  Here’s a couple more pictures from the game.

It’s so easy to spend money here in the city, there’s so much to do and see, so I need to start pacing myself on the spending.  School work is going good, can’t believe I’m 4 weeks away from being done with my Masters.  Also really starting to panic about getting a job so I can start working on paying my loans.  I’ve been applying like a mad women and hope that something finally works out, and I’m hoping to set up some interviews while I’m here in NYC as well.  We are also planning on going to a Yankees vs Oakland A’s game at the end of the month at Yankees Stadium, so I’m looking forward to that as well.  Oh!  I got my grades back from the first summer session, and while I was stressing out and busted my behind, the hard work paid off and was reflected in my grades.

Alright, time to get ready to head out and get some groceries, my first adventure to Trader Joe’s.  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and has a safe 4th!