What Directed Me Towards Graduate School at Canisius?

This week is all about why I decided to attend graduate school at Canisius!

I completed my undergraduate degree in Childhood Education at Buffalo State College with 3.98 GPA in May 2013, and I was at that point of “What should I do next?” – I honestly wasn’t so sure if I could go right to graduate school or if I should just look for work. I felt an extreme amount of financial pressure by making the decision to attend graduate school since it is very expensive. The decision to attend came around kind of quick as the summer rolled on by, and all a sudden I figured I was making the right decision. I was depressed at the fact of having to be in a lot of debt and having to embark on more challenging school work, but I figured overall that this will help me in my future in many ways. I looked around at options for how I could finance graduate school at Canisius. I came across the graduate assistant job, which I even knew about as an undergraduate student… I got a job as a graduate assistant which helps me pay for about half of my tuition. This is very helpful, although I will still have a tremendous amount of capitalized interest debt to pay in just a few months with no substantial job to pay it back. It has been a rough year having to work but not have any money, and work so hard in school just to do as well as I have. I have definitely struggled financially and will struggle maybe even more after graduating because I will have more bills and even less support. My life revolves around thinking about if I can have enough money to eat, get gas for my car, and get clothes that I need for school… nothing comes easy for me and I do not come from a wealthy background, so I need to keep doing what I can to further myself ahead – I know it’s not going to be easy though. I’m hoping after all of the hard work I’ve put in this last year that luck and fortune will come my way because I am going to need it. I’ve been dedicated to hard work this past year and kept a 4.0 GPA for graduate school – after this summer internship I will be all finished and hopefully still keep my 4.0.

So basically, I decided to go to graduate school in high hopes of finding better opportunities for my future in jobs and personally as well  – I really hope all this work will be worth it and payoff after graduating! I just want to live a good life and worry less about bills than my parents did all throughout their lives, I want to provide an ideal life for myself and my kids in the future.

Thanks for reading! (Anyone have a similar story?)

Gifted students… What do they need?

I have been making a lot of progress with school work! There is still a lot more left to do, but I am proud of what I have accomplished so far this semester! It’s been a very busy semester, which is why it has moved along so fast!

I am currently working hard in all of my classes, but especially for my unit plan in my one class. It has been really interesting learning all about the needs of gifted students and for how to use strategies to teach these unique students! Now I am trying to tie all I have learned together and apply it to actual lessons that I can use with gifted students in the future. My unit is going to be on Elements of Fiction so I’m going to teach about theme, character traits, etc. Some of the big gifted education strategies that I am going to incorporate into the unit include technology, SCAMPER, DeBono’s 6 Thinking Hats, and possibly a Squiggle! These are all strategies that I want to try to implement in my lessons because they are so great for gifted students needs. These strategies foster creativity, higher-order thinking, multiple perspectives, and engagement in gifted students learning. These strategies can  be used by teachers to appropriately challenge gifted learners so they are not bored in the classroom. I have not actually created my unit yet, but within the next two weeks I will hopefully do so, as well as work on my other assignments too. Lots of stuff to do in the next few weeks, I hope I stay healthy! (I have a tendency to get sick when I have a lot to do in short time periods!)

I am also working on some ideas for my guided reading lesson for my literacy course which has also been somewhat challenging since I have not done a lesson quite like this in my past experiences. Although,  I will start start working on building ideas within the next 2 weeks, and I will put it together soon!

I will post about my progress on these major assignments soon! 🙂