“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile…you could miss it.”

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile…you could miss it.”

This post will be my last post on this blog since the semester’s coming to an end. I love to write these, so this one is longer than the recommended 250-400 words…the quote from Ferris Bueller has been running through my head all week, and I think it’s so unbelievably pertinent at this moment for me right now that it’s scary. The best way to really get through what’s been going on this week is just to list the substance of it all, so here it is:

*Got psyched for my interview in Albany on Tuesday by only getting about 3 hours of sleep…but even better was that I woke up to a giant bug next to my bed–it completely threw me off my game! Even worse is that the same bug made a guest appearance in my shower on Wednesday morning, after I’d gotten back. As much as I hated it and was grossed out, it was absolutely hilarious and completely ridiculous.

*Knew as soon as I left that interview at U at Albany on Tuesday that I was going to get the internship, and Friday morning I was offered the position. I’m going to call and accept it on Monday, after I finish some work and get a few more apartments in the mix for the move/hunt. My duties will involve the day-to-day monitoring of recruiting activities, creating a monthly compliance newsletter, updating information on student-athletes in the compliance software, and other administrative duties that come up. When I was asked what I wanted to get from the internship, my honest answer was that it is exactly what I want to be doing at this point in my career–it fits my goals perfectly, and I think my confidence and conviction in answering that question was the deciding factor.

*Got a flat tire 5 minutes after leaving Albany on Tuesday. The world has a tendency to balance itself out sometimes like that, and aside from being really ticked off and inconvenienced…all I could really do besides grumble was laugh, because it really was just that kind of day. I still managed to catch up with a good friend of mine from undergrad who lives in Schenectady, thankfully, and I eventually made it back to Buffalo just fine.

*Spent more time looking for apartments than studying. Not that I haven’t been writing these last papers/finals…but I’ve been getting prepared mentally for an all-nighter sometime this weekend.

*Made numerous walks between my apartment and the library this week simply because the weather has been absolutely gorgeous here in Buffalo. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had work to do, too, and have usually done it at both locales…but how could I not enjoy the Buffalo sunshine while I’m still here? I also rode my bike to Delaware Park on Thursday, which was another great day.

*Went out with friends from the MSA program to Brick Bar on Allen St. yesterday night to celebrate my good news, and took away a great quote from the evening: “Know your limits: then exceed them.” Even though it wasn’t necessarily geared toward the big picture when it was brought up…I’ve been thinking in the big picture for quite some time now–as my dedicated readers (read: “Mom”) know–and that gem was worth writing down.

*Stood around and helped direct parking traffic at the MAAC Lacrosse Championships being held at Canisius this week. It was a little chilly, but nonetheless a good time. I’ll be helping them out on Sunday, the second day of the tournament, as well.

*Went to Spring Fest yesterday! It rained a little when we were leaving, but there was some great free food and some fun rides to be had by all who attended. I went both before and after helping out at lacrosse, and it was a great chance to spend time with friends.

*Was unbelievably disappointed watching the Red Wings play earlier in the week…but was delighted to see them pull off a 4-3 winner last night. I’ve been sculpting, trimming, and re-shaping my playoff beard, but I think I’m going to keep it (and maybe someday even get a picture of it).

I don’t think I could count how many times I’ve smiled in the last two days. I’ve met some awesome people and made some great friendships here at Canisius, and it’s been tough thinking about the four hour move away from everybody that lies ahead. I think it’s why I’ve put off packing until I get my papers finished, or until I’m “ready”, I keep telling myself.

Getting the call for the internship or opportunity that’s going to jump-start my career is exactly what I came to Canisius to do, and I think that it really speaks to what this school is all about. A lot has changed in my life in the past year, and one of the things I’ve talked about with people here in my program is that you’re going to get out of the MSA program what you put into it. I honestly feel that the same can be said about life–the relationships you build with others, the person you want to be, and the impact you have on the world; all of it starts with what you put into it. Take things one day at a time, keep things in perspective, and enjoy every second of it.

Go Golden Griffins. Go Great Danes. Have a great summer and beyond!

“You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.” – Rosalynn Carter

“You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.” – Rosalynn Carter

Whew, is it ever crunch time.

In my entry last week, I mentioned that I was waiting to hear back from SUNY Albany. I heard back from them in the middle of last week, and I’ll be driving the 4 hours from Buffalo to the capital tomorrow to interview with them for basically my ideal internship, in NCAA compliance. My state of mind right now can best be described as nervy confidence–the job description sounds right up my alley, the timing is perfect…and of course it’d be the “breaking in” to the industry that I came to Canisius to do, but it’s a big unknown. The quote from Rosalynn Carter perfectly sums up how I’m mentally preparing for the interview. I’ve also been contacting the various people I’ve met in the past few months who I think can help me in taking the next step forward: to catch up with them and remain optimistic that keeping in touch will continues to open doors.

In my Intercollegiate Athletics class last week, my group presented our opinion that male practice players can enhance the female student-athlete experience, and we also heard groups address homophobia in intercollegiate sport and whether or not colleges should institute a salary cap–great debates all around. My Financial Aspects class did not meet last week Tuesday, and I will be out of town for tomorrow night’s class, and have an exam Wednesday night when I get back from Albany. School is winding to a close!

A few friends and I did the Buffalo Bar Crawl on Friday night, which was pretty cool. We explored 15 different venues (each with specials) on Chippewa, Franklin, and the surrounding streets, and it was a fun night. A few places had some nifty club lighting, which made for an interesting scene, and walking away with a free t-shirt was nice too!

Yesterday was the Bowl ‘n Blast event, put on by the MSA’s Special Events class, and I was on a team with some friends from my program. The event raised over $6000 for the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and was TONS of fun. They turned out the lights and did the “cosmic bowling” thing, and I discovered that my bowling ball glows in the dark, which is pretty sweet. All in all it was a great event for a great cause.

My fingers have been crossed for this entire entry, hopefully everything goes well!

“The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow.” — Dan Quayle

“The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow.” — Dan Quayle


It has been a long week. I came back from MI yesterday, which was a great chance to catch up with my family over the Easter weekend, but Buffalo has kept me busy. Piecing together my summer and beyond has been stressful, tricky, but to me the toughest part is that it’s still uncertain. New job opportunities arise daily, but the end of the semester feels like a countdown to the unknown, which for me has been a bit nerve-wracking at times!

Today I finished up the research paper I’ve been working on for the week (though “attempted to work on” might be more apt), on what goes into hosting the Olympic Games, for my Financial Aspects class. In writing it I’ve learned a lot about the overall trends of the past 20 years or so, and I’ll be interested to see if these trends continue in 2012 at the London Games.

I’ve still continued to read legislation for my internship, and as I’ve been looking more at my options after Canisius, I’ve started to apply what the rules will mean toward my personal philosophy–as I’ve been making sure I communicate to potential employers as I re-write various cover letters that I’ve sent around the country. My strongest leads haven’t panned out yet as far as what it is I’m going to do, but all I can do is put my best foot forward and remain optimistic.

…the rain and snow of last week sure didn’t help, though! No, I’m just kidding there, the fact that the seasons have been unpredictable has made the week more interesting, in my opinion. I brought my bike back with me, optimistically, and I’m hoping that sometime this week I’ll get to ride around.

I’ve checked out the apartment of a friend that I’m potentially going to sublet over the summer this week, which is only about a mile away from campus. At this point, though, I’m waiting on an internship opportunity at the University at Albany…so I can’t fully commit (and it’s driving me crazy!), but I’m also going to have to make that decision when the time comes.

That’s pretty much everything, classes are winding down, and I have a good feeling my winter coat will stay in the closet for quite some time. Keep your fingers crossed that good news is on the way!

“What’s He Got?…”

“What’s He Got?…”

…lots of homework? Job opportunities? Be sure to comment if you know the REAL answer.

This past week went by in a blur–a majority of last week for me was spent researching for some papers I’m working on and writing this week, but I think I might have jinxed us last week with my optimism for spring, as it’s been snowing on and off here in Buffalo since yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon I worked during a high wind advisory for a lacrosse game at my internship, which included some strong (25-30 mph?) gusts on a portable media box–the game was at a different venue, which afforded us an interesting challenge, but was a great shared experience for all of us who helped run the game. The Medaille AD made sure to grab us some Tim Horton’s hot chocolate (which was much appreciated!).

I’ve sent out a few resumes & cover letters this week: new job and internship opportunities keep springing up day-by-day and thankfully I’ve had my cover letter and resume critiqued by a bunch of the Canisius community to the point where I can get them sent out promptly as soon as I see them. I’ve figured out my summer plan–I will be sticking around Buffalo and continue to be a graduate assistant for my program–and I’m going to check out a friend’s apartment to sublet over the summer later this week. Most of the jobs start in August, which is really perfect timing. I’m heading home this weekend to grab my bike in preparation!

I went to go see Comedy Sportz, in Amherst, with a girl I’ve been seeing, which I can best describe as “competitive improv”; it was a funny show for a pretty good price: we had a lot of laughs. Saturday night we went to go see the Buffalo Bandits (hinting at the title of the post, be sure to comment!) and had a great time as well. I forced myself to enjoy the weekend after a busy week researching male practice players in the NCAA and the financial side of putting on the Olympic Games, and it was definitely a great way to keep in balance.

This week I’m finishing these projects, applying for jobs/internships/networking, then on Thursday I’m headed back to MI to visit some family and friends. Hopefully I’ll bring back spring (along with some of my outdoor things/toys) with me!

“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.” — Doug Larson

“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.” — Doug Larson

Finally, it feels like spring is here. The past week for me has been, in a word, optimistic, and I’m ready to start this week off with a bang (I’ll have to, there’s plenty coming up) after an eventful and enjoyable last week.

Over at my internship this week, I’ve helped in the design of their new website, which has meant tracking things as mundane as color schemes, content, and the different features of different schools’ athletics websites. I’ve also finally learned the interface of StatCrew, which is the industry standard in tracking live game-stats, and this weekend I sat at the computer and input the actions of Medaille’s women’s lacrosse team as it happened, and also ran the game clock and “spotted” the action on the field of the men’s game. After a few weekend games in the media box I’m starting to understand the nuances of lacrosse; I’m going to give inputting the men’s game a try next weekend, which will be more stressful since the game is played at a faster pace, but I’m looking forward to it. My internship’s been more centered around Sports Information than Compliance this week, but that’s okay with me!

The school year is drawing closer and closer to the finish, which of course means research projects to be completed. This has been the trend in about 70% of the classes I’ve ever taken, and is the trend at Canisius as well. For my Financial Aspects class, my partner and I are going to look at what cities we must invest in to put on the Olympic Games; and for my Intercollegiate Athletics class I’m in a group that will be addressing the topic of using male practice players in women’s sports. With Easter Break coming soon (10 days to be precise), it really feels like the end is near…scary!

Finally, on the non-career side of things, it’s been a great week. I was able to run in Delaware Park a few times last week, and hope to do that as stress relief throughout this week. I had lunch on Thursday with some MSA’ers (future grad assistants) at Empire Grill, which was pretty good (great coffee), and went out to Gramma Mora’s (and bowling) on a date Saturday. It was a gorgeous day yesterday, so we went out on a second date yesterday night to Old Fort Niagara, and were able to catch the sunset on Lake Ontario. With this upcoming week throwing a bunch of curveballs my way (which you’ll get to read about next week), it was a nice way to detox in preparation. If you’re in Buffalo, enjoy the weather!