A Visit with Local Neighbors

A Visit with Local Neighbors

Sometimes people reserve the word “neighbor” for humans alone. But here I want to speak about my nonhuman neighbors and what they do for me. I live in New England, and to make sure I stay in touch with both myself and my local world, each day I try to walk in my community’s “town forest,” which is a typical mixed wood with both conifers and deciduous trees over very diverse undergrowth. While there is much research that says walking in the nature is good for my brain and other parts of my body (summarized nicely in Chapter 7 of Ratey and Manning’s 2014 Go Wild), what I particularly notice and enjoy is something else, namely, merely glimpsing other animals whether they be frogs, snakes, butterflies, turkeys, white tailed deer, hawks, woodpeckers, owls, a variety of songbirds and more.


Frankly, my sense is that most of the time these neighbors in the local forest hide, slipping away as I approach. But when they do show themselves, and especially when they linger to take my measure, I find that I arrive at myself in a way that does not happen often in the exclusively human world so dominated by carpentered, built spaces and humans’ relentless self-focus.

I try to be respectful of the privilege of noticing these neighbors—I am, after all, walking through their home even though the law of my own kind says that humans alone, and certainly not any nonhumans, own and control this wood. Our laws ignore—indeed, are altogether autistic about—something truly basic about the woods where I walk. My nonhuman neighbors transform those parts where I walk because my encounters, though brief, feature an energy that my human world only rarely supplies. And there is another miracle, too—any subsequent time I traverse a path along which I have previously spied one of these neighbors, I find the place has changed, and so have I. As if on cue, when I again come to a place where a previous encounter occurred, I eagerly look about, staying respectful, to see if the neighbor I saw previously is anywhere nearby. It is as if the encounter had consecrated that very spot, and I easily feel this when I return. 


These encounters and their effects inform my teaching in many ways, one of which is summarized by the geologian Thomas Berry: “we consider ourselves blessed, healed in some manner, forgiven and for a moment transported into some other world, when we catch a passing glimpse of an animal in the wild” (A Communion of Subjects: Animals in Religion, Science, and Ethics, page 7).


These visits with my neighbors anchor me in the realization that I, my family, and all the graduate students and undergraduates I teach also live in a world that can be enchanted if we will notice and take other animals seriously and thereby learn that all of us share community in a more-than-human world.

~ Dr. Paul Waldau
Director and Professor of the Anthrozoology program

Flying Bison Brewery Tour with MBAA

Flying Bison Brewery Tour with MBAA

From the new Netflix show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt




Candy sounds like a great dinner during this stressful Finals Week!



I wanted to catch you up on the great events that have been happening this semester!

Even though the MBA Alumni Association is an organization for those who have graduated from the MBA program at Canisius, students are welcome to attend their events which are held throughout the year.  From networking to presentations, the events are great for the professional development of the Canisius MBA community.

Flying Bison Brewery Logo

On Thursday, April 16th, the MBAA Association held a networking event and fundraiser for their MBA scholarship fund at Flying Bison Brewery.  This event was great because we got to tour the brewery and see how Flying Bison craft beer is produced locally in Buffalo!  With the recent economic growth of WNY, there has been a surge of local craft breweries.  Being able to learn, first-hand, from the Brewery Owner’s son on how they make their beer was fascinating!  I took a Biochemistry course during my year of post-baccalaureate studies (back when I thought I would be an OBGYN and go to a DO school to study medicine).  For the laboratory portion of the course, we spent six weeks fermenting grape juice with various sugar and yeast concentrations to understand the fermentation process.  Since beer is made with a very similar fermentation process, it was exciting to see the commercial applications of what was learned in Biochem lab!

Brewing Tanks

This event was the second to last event for the school year for the MBA Alumni Association.  Next week will be the Graduate Business Programs and MBAA Annual Mixer, which will include a silent auction and the Annual Awards presentation to several notable Canisius community members.  If you’re looking to network more with the Canisius business community as a student (or prospective student or alumni) I would totally suggest you come to the Annual Mixer on Friday May 8th so make sure to get your tickets to the event!

Since I’ll keep this censored (so many funny videos involving alcohol that would be totally inaprorpo), here is a funny clip about candy!

Why did I stay?

Why did I stay?

Why did I stay?

It’s always tough to choose which school is best fit for you when you’re a senior in high school.

But what about when you’re a senior in college?

What if the program you seek is right where you are?

I asked these bloggers the simple question: Why did you stay?


“Upon graduation from Canisius College in 2012, I knew graduate school was in my future.  I was fortunate to get a job a couple of months after graduation and I worked for 2 years as an athletic trainer.  I began applying to grad school after the end of my second year working and I knew I wanted to pursue a masters in either Sport Administration or Sport Management.  My top 2 options were to stay at Canisius or move to Philadelphia and attend Drexel University.  I had received graduate assistantships at both schools, just in different departments.  After weighing my options, I decided that it was best for me to attend Canisius.  In choosing Canisius, I was able to still work as an athletic trainer while working in the Graduate Admissions department as a graduate assistant.  I loved my 4 years of undergraduate here at Canisius and I knew I would be 100% comfortable in graduate school.  It has been more than wonderful so far as I love my classes as a Sport Administration major and the people I work with in the graduate admissions department have been so welcoming.  I know I made the right decision in picking Canisius for graduate school and I am excited to see what my future has in store!”

~ Kristen S. – Sport Administration


“As a student who is aspiring to earn my CPA license, I knew I had a fifth year of school ahead of me after undergrad.  I also knew that there are countless ways to earn the educational requirement for the CPA exam.  With so many options available, I decided to return to Canisius for grad school because of the unique opportunity to earn my Masters in Forensic Accounting and continue my education at the at school I enjoyed so much as an undergrad.  The Forensic Accounting is a relatively new option for students and was one of the first programs of its kind in the nation.  The skills I am learning in this program are consistently expanding on many lessons I learned as an undergrad and preparing me for a career.  Also, I knew that the program would offer the same close-knit atmosphere as undergrad did.  The dedicated faculty takes the time to build a relationship with the students.  The faculty work closely with students and are constantly providing us with future career opportunities.”

~ Jon C. – Forensic Accounting 






“My undergraduate experience at Canisius College was something I was proud of. Canisius offered me a very challenging and rewarding experience while pursuing my Bachelors degree. Upon graduation, I was ready and eager to face the real world. I worked for several reputable WNY companies such as North American Breweries, New Era Cap Co., and Fisher Price. I knew that Canisius gave me the skills to get in those doors and be successful in my field. When I decided to go back for Graduate school, Canisius was where I had my heart set. I knew the learning environment, the helpful staff, and the strong curriculum were imperative to continuing my education. I didn’t want to settle for anything less, and I’m so excited and honored to receive my second degree from this highly respected institution.”

~ Lisa F. – School Counseling


“Be a student as long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life.” – Henry L. Doherty

Canisius lasts a life time!


Nom Nom Nom Pho

Nom Nom Nom Pho










Mmmmm Food! 

I’m really hating this weather.  As a kid I used to love it!  Loved skiing and sledding! (and making jumps to fly over) But now, I miss the beach.  Maybe after all of this grad school I’ll go move to the south of France or a nice island in the Caribbean.

Anywho, I wanted to dedicate this post to staying warm.
And I’m such a foodie, so let’s talk about staying warm with food! (MBAPA Students need to eat sometimes!!)
My favorite food in this chilly weather is Pho!  (even though I can never pronounce this right)
It is a Vietnamese soup of rice noodles, broth, meat, and herbs.
I have a few go-to places for it and all have been “Good Eats” so far! 

Loved this show growing up! Now, love watching Cutthroat Kitchen that Alton Brown hosts!

In Rochester, my most favorite version is at Han Noddle Bar. If you’re ever in Roc City, I totally suggest checking this place out. They have my favorite food in the world too: pork belly steamed buns!
(I know. I know. It’s Chinese and not Vietnamese. But I LOVE that place!)

Han Noodle Bar
687 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY

Since most of us don’t want to drive that far in this frozen wonderland, there are three great places for pho in the city that I totally recommend (They’re all pretty great, so these are in alphabetical order instead.)

Pork Belly Steamed Buns from Han Noodle Bar (photo form Yelp)

Roast Duck Noodle Bowl from Han Noodle Bar (a bit different from Beef Pho, photo from Yelp)

Pho Dollar
322 West Ferry Street, Buffalo, NY

Great broth and large portions.  Open and comfortable dining space with friendly staff.  Lots of customers love getting their take-out too.

Beef Pho from Pho Dollar with Sriracha (photo from Yelp)

Pho 99 (99 Fast Food Restaurant)
3396 Bailey Ave, Buffalo, NY

Casual dining that reminds you of a fast food place, but friendly staff and lots of great menu options beyond pho. Truly Vietnamese food and no hybrid options, but they make awesome dishes!  Broth and noodles and beef options are plentiful.

Beef Pho from Pho 99 (photo from Yelp)

Sun Restaurant
1989 Niagara Street, Buffalo, NY

Their version of Pho is quite interactive if you get it with the rare beef slices. Yummy broth and garnishes to add to it as well. More of a high-end atmosphere but still affordable.

Beef Pho from Sun Restaurant (photo from their website)

The video below is from this week’s Cutthroat Kitchen After Show, where Alton Brown spoke to the show’s latest guest judge about the sabotages that the contestants had to endure.  (The judge doesn’t know of the sabotages when picking the best dish each round.)


Why an MBA in Professional Accounting?

Why an MBA in Professional Accounting?

Superbowl  Halftime’s Left Shark Stole The Show!

Yay! MBAPA!!

But why switch careers to accounting?




The MBA in Professional Accounting is a great program for those who want to change their careers!  Students in the program could have undergraduate degrees ranging from Education to Biology.  Personally, my undergraduate degree was in Sociology with a minor in Human Resources Management (and almost a second minor in Psychology, but was a class short by the time I graduated).  I began my career straight out of undergrad in human resources, but found it was not the right place for me. So, when I was re-evaluating my career path, I found the exciting field of accounting!

The MBA in Professional Accounting at Canisius is one of the best programs in the country.  Through this program, you are able to sit for the CPA exam after you graduate and will also acquire an MBA.  There are multiple accounting graduate programs for non-accounting undergrad applicants, but most will get you a Masters in Accounting (MAcc) without the management skills.  Having the MBA combined with the CPA will make you an ideal candidate to future employers!  Plus, if one day you aspire to achieve a management level position in accounting, your MBA will keep you a step-ahead of the competition. And don’t forget, Canisius College is ranked # 1 for 2013 CPA exam pass rates for New York State in the large school category! (60 or more of first-time grad and undergrad test takers)

The scores don’t lie.  Canisius College is a great accounting school.  But be prepared to work for the degree!!  It’s not all paper-writing and concept-synthesizing like in an undergraduate Sociology course. Also, IT IS GRAD SCHOOL and grad school is tough!  The MBAPA program has an option to take day courses with the undergraduates, but you still have extra assignments as an MBA student.

Accrual! Get it?? Ha. ha. haaaa

At the end of the day, the MBAPA is a rigorous graduate program that produces bright accounting students.  The full-time day program takes about 2.5 years to complete due to the sequence of courses you need to take, and would be longer for the evening or part-time program.  The program is current;y 70 credit hours, which is more than the 48 credit hour Evening MBA and the 51 credit hour One Year MBA programs.  But in the end, you are coming out with a solid background in accounting.  Canisius College has a welcoming atmosphere and the small-school vibe with the big-school reputation.  When deciding on a school, I chose Canisius College for a variety of reasons and you should consider Canisius College and the MBAPA program too!


PS: As the weather outside is frightful, here’s a funny snow scene from The Office