Back to work

And I thought switching gears was a break in itself….but I’m not going to complain having a week off of class was pretty nice! Wish I could’ve went someplace a little warmer than Buffalo…burrrr!!!

Nevertheless I spent most of my spring break at Buffalo Cardiology and Pulmonary Associates. Apart from my online class I have recently started one of the two possible internships for this program. So far I’m really enjoying my internship site. The facility is HUGE, to say the least, and everyone is more than welcoming. I’m currently interning in the Cardiac Rehabilitation center, working along side of the Exercise Physiologists. The patients we see are those who have just recently been released from the hospital after having bypass or open heart surgery. After receiving the ok from their doctor we formulate an exercise program to rehab them back to health. While the patients are exercising we frequently check their blood pressure and heart rate to make sure their levels are rising at a healthy level. We also have them hooked up to a monitoring system so we can regulate their EKG strips.

From what I can see the patients are showing tremendous progress and it brings me great joy knowing that I have helped in some way!

Until next time!



Online Communications


Coming into this program, knowing the majority of the classes were online was very nerve-racking. I have never in my college career taken an online class, and I had no idea what to expect. I consider myself a hands-on type of student, and prefer to have face to face interaction with my professors.


Well, here I am, first semester as a Graduate Student taking TWO ONLINE CLASSES! Crazy, right!? Well let me tell you, it’s not that bad. It honestly just takes some time to adjust. Overall the professors are really good at submitting the weekly tasks at the start of each week and their availability is pretty open. Not only can you contact them via email, but some professors even give you there cell number as well. If they cannot answer your question over the phone or via email they will make themselves available by appointment.


If you were wondering, it IS possible to manage graduate school and a job.  As a matter of fact most graduate students do have at least one part time job, if not more, or a full time job. If you are working full time or have any other commitments, you should not have a problem getting your homework done in a timely fashion. Even though professors give you plenty of time to complete assignments, you do need to be able to manage your time wisely. Especially if you are working three part-time jobs like me. My planner has become my closest friend!  If you have good time management skills you’ll be okay, I promise.


Other than having great time management skills, the only other advice I can give you about online classes is do not be afraid to contact your professor with any questions or concerns. Teaching yourself can be a bit overwhelming at times so it’s okay to ask questions. After all, that’s what your professors are there for. For example, this semester I’m taking Cardiopulmon Pathophysiology and after taking my first test I realized I was not obtaining the necessary information. I emailed the professor right away with my concern and not only was he happy that I contacted him, he took the time to help me right away. The professors here are willing to help you any way they can; you just have to ask.


That’s all for now!


Traffic Report

As an undergraduate I lived on campus all four years, two of which were in newly renovated townhouses that were just gorgeous! Apart from having my own room with a FULL size bed, the townhouses were in walking distance from everything, which was an even bigger bonus. Not going to lie, there were plenty of times when I would drive to class just because I was feeling lazy, but now that I’m attending school close to home I don’t have a choice.

I chose to commute because I figured it would save me a big chunk of cash, which it is, but driving nearly every day, all the way from Lockport (aka Timbuktu) is not so fun. If I’m lucky I can get to school in half an hour. However, most days I’m switching routes to avoid backed up traffic and any other hassles that are occurring on the roads. If you are familiar with Rt 33 you will understand my frustration.  Lately I’ve been taking the 190 to the Scajaquada Expressway, and not only does it have a better scenery, but most importantly there is way less traffic! My recommendation for those who have the option to commute or dorm, DORM. Not only is it less of a hassle in the morning, but you will feel more connected with the school and the campus environment.

One of the biggest things I miss is being involved on campus. As a commuter and grad student I’m not as involved with campus life as I hoped I’d be. Demerly Hall is located a couple blocks down from the campus and if you are looking at picking up the Health and Human Performance Masters Program, all your classes will either be online or at Demerly Hall. Luckily my graduate assistantship allows me to go on campus here and there to spread the word about the Health and Human Performance Program. I highly enjoy talking to undergraduates and other faculty members about the program mostly because it gets me more involved. Overall, if your looking to meet new friends and be more involved as a student, my recommendation to you is to dorm or live close to campus. I’m certain that you will have no problem meeting other students and will have tons of opportunities to become more involved on campus.

That’s all for now! Good luck choosing your future home!