Spring break is here. Students have all gone home/on vacation and campus is pretty dull. I will be spending the majority of my spring break in Buffalo, working. However, with no classes I have a lot of free time to do school for the upcoming weeks.

While staying in Buffalo for most of the time, I will be flying down home to North Carolina on Friday night. I am turning 23 on Saturday and I am going to enjoy the weekend with family and friends. I will be arriving in Greensboro late Friday night, driving to Charlotte on Saturday, driving back to Greensboro on Sunday and then flying back to Buffalo on Sunday night. It will be exhausting but well worth it. I haven’t been back to NC since I moved to Buffalo in January. It will be great to get back, even for a little bit.

I’ve been spending a lot of time doing some research and thinking about a group project in Intercollegiate Athletics. My group has the topic of the commercialization of student athletes. It is a good topic with many different angles, and I am working with a great group of students so it should turn out pretty well. It ties into the ESPN “Fab Five” documentary, which aired recently. These five Michigan players would see their jerseys being sold for 75 dollars around Ann Arbor, but they would have to ask people for money to get some food or buy some clothes. None of the money from their jersey went to the players. It is just one of many parts of our project that my group can focus on.

As I finish writing this post, it started snowing. This is the first time I have been around snow on my spring break. Everyone have a good one and I’ll see y’all next week.