What kind of teacher do we want to be upon completion of Graduate School?   Here are some of the teaching styles encountered thus far along the way:

The Bueller – Speaks…in…monotone..loves…research…but probably hasn’t taught an actual child since Moses created the tablet.  Can commonly be heard saying, “The scientist attached to this theory is….?  Usual reaction from the students is an instantaneous head jerk while simultaneously clicking “Like” on the latest Facebook puppy meme, at the same time thinking  “Please don’t pick me, I promise to listen next time…Oh, more puppy memes!”

Amazing Grace – The pedagogue who makes every day worth the effort and workload; epitomizes the definition of “teacher” and brings back sweet childhood memories of that one teacher we all remember.  (Wherever you are, Mrs. Higgins, Grade One, I will love you forever).  Amazing Grace goes beyond all expections to ensure that the class is engaged and prepared to become effective teachers.  Is that a halo around his/her head?  Are those cherubs flying around, singing songs of joy and praise?  Will you ever, in your lifetime, ever become as inspirational as Amazing Grace?  One can only hope..

Stinky Pete The Prospector –  What a cool teacher!   Those class discussions were so enjoyable!  It doesn’t matter that we couldn’t complete the syllabus, we had fun!  And quicker than Stinky Pete ripped Woody’s shirt with his pick axe, there it is:  a question on the final exam that you’ve NEVER seen before; maybe someone mentioned it, maybe it was discussed in an vaguely related classroom discussion, but no one TOLD you that the topic was going to be on the exam.

In our journey, we encounter teachers whom inspire, and maybe drive us a little crazy;  our job is to use our experiences wisely, and bring the best to our future students.