When I was looking at graduate schools, two of the most important things to me were finding a program that would set me up for success after graduating and finding a tight-knit school in which I wouldn’t simply be a face or a number. I quickly came to the conclusion that Canisius could offer me both of these things. With a 90% job placement rate within four months of graduation and national recognition for outstanding pass rates on the CPA exam, its academic accomplishments spoke for itself. I also liked that Canisius was a smaller school with a strong community feel. When I got here, however, I was very pleasantly surprised with just how much accounting students, both undergraduate and graduate alike, were involved in the program. A large part of this involvement is attributable to the opportunities provided by the Canisius College Accounting Society.

Soon after I began my coursework at Canisius, I joined the Accounting Society thinking it would be a great way to network and hopefully get to know some of the other students in the program, and I was right! The Canisius Accounting Society has a lot to offer students in the accounting program. This past fall semester, for example, the Accounting Society hosted a number of different social events for its members including a “Welcome Back” barbeque, Community Service Day, Bowling Night, and Christmas party. The Accounting Society annually organizes “Meet the Accountants” night, one of the most important networking events of the year for accounting students, and the Accounting Banquet, a night on which accounting students can enjoy a nice dinner and awards ceremony with fellow classmates and local professionals. During the course of the school year, the Accounting Society organizes some educational presentations, as well, such as guest speakers from the accounting community and mock interviews to help practice for the “real deal” during recruitment. Personally, I believe that the wide variety of social and educational events and experiences that the Accounting Society at Canisius offers are vital to the program’s success and make it truly unique from other schools. Looking back, I am so happy with my choice to attend Canisius for its MBA in Professional Accounting program. I can’t see myself getting such a well-rounded experience anywhere else!