As the 2014 Spring Semester begins, many people may have academic resolutions or goals in mind that they hope to accomplish. Whether it be exploring potential internship opportunities, networking with local professionals, or achieving a certain GPA, Canisius has the resources to help its students accomplish these goals, which is one of my favorite aspects of the school.

When I began the program, I was unsure how many resources were offered to graduate students. Having already completed an undergraduate degree, I thought maybe graduate students would be left to fend for themselves a bit more than undergrads when it came to things like finding jobs or internships. However, I was certainly mistaken! For example, the Career Center at Canisius is a tremendous help when preparing your resume. When you first upload your resume to the Career Center website, it is reviewed by a staff member and either approved to submit to jobs or sent back for suggested revisions. Also, the Career Center at Canisius provides information on many different opportunities for internships, part-time jobs, and full-time jobs that are available to all accounting students. Particularly in the fall, which is the “recruiting season” for the accounting industry, students are notified by e-mail when different employment opportunities have been posted and how to go about applying for these internships and jobs. One of the best parts about this process is that, if you are selected for an interview, the recruiters almost always come to Canisius for the first-round of interviews, which is extremely convenient for students.

Another great resource at Canisius is the faculty. In addition to being very approachable and helpful with any confusion or problems students are encountering in the classroom, the accounting faculty members are a vital part of shaping students’ lives after graduation. These faculty members, for instance, are very well-connected to professionals in the Western New York community. Often, faculty members will bring in speakers to classes or organize events during which students can network and learn about life as a professional accountant. Additionally, if students are having a hard time finding a job or an internship, the accounting faculty members are eager to help and often can use their connections to help arrange an interview or meeting with a potential employer. Furthermore, the faculty members in the accounting department are very knowledgeable about current events and requirements in the accounting and business world. For example, students from Canisius have had consistently high pass rates on the CPA exam, largely due to the fact that the accounting department faculty center their courses around the exam content to prepare their students for this challenging exam. Although this can often make classes challenging, it is well worth it in the long run since it will make studying for the CPA exam much easier!

These are just a few of the many resources I find crucial to Canisius making its students so successful, particularly in accounting. With such resources, accomplishing academic and professional goals is so much less difficult! Personally, I am hoping to successfully complete most or all of the CPA exams this year, a daunting task but one that I am excited to attempt! What are your goals?