The college experience is truly a fantastic thing. One of the biggest and most important aspects of earning your degree is deciding what you will major in. What is the subject you could see your career revolving around? This could be an incredibly easy decision for some and a terrible nightmare for others. The key is to not get too worried and let the motivation come to you. In time, your major will find you without you even knowing it! This week I’ll mostly discuss how I chose my undergraduate major and what led me to pursue the One-Year MBA program.

I have always had a thing for numbers and puzzles. I was always good at problem solving and math. I wanted to major in accounting because it is fundamentally a combination of both of these areas. This desire led me to my undergraduate degree. Upon completion, I felt that I needed more. I grew fond of the business world throughout my first four years of college. Instead of attending graduate school to further my accounting degree, I wanted to develop a broader range of business expertise. After conducting a ton of research I found that an MBA was my best option. The program at Canisius was especially unique because it allowed me to achieve my degree in one year. That is how I ended up in the One-Year Program.

What is great about an MBA is that it opens opportunities for practically any undergraduate degree. There is a wide variety of students in our class with very different backgrounds. These include Philosophy, Theatre, and Law. Don’t be discouraged if you have an undergrad degree that isn’t business related. Another week has concluded as the semester steadily approaches an end. Good luck studying and look forward to next week’s blog!