NC State of Mind.

NC State of Mind.

And we’re back! My break officially ended today as I had both work and class. I hope everyone had a great break, I know that I did. Even though I didn’t have a “typical” spring break, I still had a great time. I worked four of five days last week and had a couple of assignments to work on.

So, I spent most of my time in Buffalo (which isn’t a bad thing) but I did get to head home for my birthday weekend. I had not been able to see my family or friends from home since I got to Canisius. My family and friends are very important to me so I loved being able to see them, even if it was for a short time. In my time down in North Carolina I got to check out the Knicks, who were in town playing the Charlotte Bobcats. Even though the Knicks lost, I still had a blast. The atmosphere was great, especially towards the end when Carmelo starting heating up, putting pressure on the hometown Bobcats. The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out and spending some time with those that are really important to me. I love living/going to grad school in Buffalo but I really enjoy being surrounded by the comfort of my “real” home.

The assignments that I have been working on have been very interesting and really require some thought. Topics such as “should college athletes be paid?”, “NHL concussions and sponsorship impacts,” and “picking sides in the current NFL labor disputes” really made me spend a great deal of time thinking about both sides of each issue. These are very relevant in the sports world today. We discussed each of the questions in class tonight and it was really interesting to hear the different view points from each student.

This semester has been going by so fast. I cant believe that we are starting to look at the home stretch. I look forward to more interesting assignments and opportunities as the semester nears the end!

Have a great week! See y’all next time.

“Miss DeJohn, what will you be when you grow up?”

“Miss DeJohn, what will you be when you grow up?”

Yesterday morning I had an epiphany. As I instructed my 8th Grade students to complete an activity that directly corresponded to Dr. Seuss’s book Oh the Places You’ll Go, which required students to reflect on their dreams and goals in life while analyzing the possible consequences or “road blocks” that may potentially get in their way of reaching their fullest potential, one student asked: “Ms. DeJohn, what will you be when you grow up?” At first I laughed, thinking it was obvious that my goal in life was to be a teacher and hopefully, one day soon, to have a classroom that I could call my own. However, in the student’s mind, this answer was not enough. The student wanted to know where I could see myself in ten years. Although this seemed to be an easy question to respond to, it was very difficult for me to come up with a legitimate and honest answer. I really hadn’t considered what my future would hold for I had been so distracted with finishing my bachelors and masters degree within a four year time frame and preparing for interviews to hopefully secure a full-time teaching position in the near future, that I hadn’t considered my dreams and goals that surpassed the month of May. After telling the designated student that I would need more time to think about this response, I decided to partake in the activity that I had designed for the 8th Grade students in order to figure out what my future may potentially hold.

Earlier this morning I had written a letter to the students I had the opportunity to teach this past summer in Plymouth, England which gave me a magnificent idea. What if I established my own international student teaching seminar/practicum in which pre-serviced teachers could have the opportunity to be completely immersed in a culture while simultaneously teaching children in an idolized educational system? Having the opportunity to reflect on this teaching experience through the Dr. Seuss activity, made me realize just how influential teaching overseas was to my current perception on the field of education in the United States. Across the pond, students are not spoon-fed information. They are provided with real-life scenarios in a consistent manner that require them to utilize their critical thinking and problem solving skills while simultaneously applying the content they have just learned. Therefore, learning becomes more of a hands-on, authentic experience in which students take pride in and do not feel pressured for a test will not be their only form of assessment. After immediately sharing my plan for the next ten years with the student that had originally questioned the state of my future, I felt relieved knowing that I now had a much larger purpose and that achieving this goal could ultimately help me to discover my place in life.

Back from break and ready to roll!

Back from break and ready to roll!

It’s me again, refreshed from a week off of school, but ready for my spring break from work! I wish that they would have fallen on the same week, but I’ll take the break any way I can get it. I have a few more assignments to do for my final class and I’m getting anxious for graduation. I have been filling out information for my graduation that I am going to attend May, 18th. I’ve never been the type of person to get excited about graduation or even WANT to attend, but for this I am excited. I feel like I have worked very hard in my graduate degree and I’m excited to have earned it. I did everything on my own and I am so proud of doing everything from registration, to financial aid, to taking the classes. My grades for my graduate degree have been nearly flawless and I’m truly truly impressed with myself. Therefore, I’m excited to walk in my graduate ceremony.

I have 2 papers, a portfolio and a test left to complete and then I am done with my formal schooling until the day I die! Sure– there will be other tests, or classes I have to sit through… but nothing like what I’ve experienced so far.

In other news, I’m preparing for spring break from work, I’ll have 2 weeks off in order to refocus and work on only grad. work. I have lots of things I want to accomplish over that break. After I return from that 2 week hiatus, I’ll be happy to be almost done with grad work and getting ready for summer and kayaking season!

So I’m living in the moment and doing what I have to do today, because time goes so fast! I’ll be updating you on my final 2 months of class and I hope it goes by flawlessly!




Before I say anything else, yes, that is the actual Stanley Cup, and yes, it might be the highlight of my year. Most of the best things that happen in life are a relative fluke, and that experience proved to be no exception. More on that later, though.

Spring break actually got off to a pretty weak start for me, I caught a nasty little cold bug on Sunday morning, which effectively knocked me out from Sunday to Wednesday. Buffalo managed to go from 55 degrees and sunny to 27 and freezing relatively quickly, and I’m eager for winter to leave. Thankfully while resting up, I was able to get my sights set on what comes next, and I’m pretty confident about the job hunt. Most of my week was spent figuring out the details of our weekend Columbus, OH trip…

…and what a trip that was! I got back late yesterday night, where four of our MSA students (including Lydia from our online program, who flew all the way from CA) went around a city I’d describe as one of the quieter sports meccas of the US. I’m usually not hyperbolic, but Columbus was really a city that you could tell has been shaped by sport in some major ways. This was a pretty laid-back trip, but we managed to meet some neat people and get some professional networking in as well, which is always good if you’re trying to break into sports.

We all carpooled the 5-6 hours to the city on Friday morning, and when we got there were able to tour the Shoe, Ohio Stadium, which seats 106,000, or roughly 3 of my hometowns. It felt as large as it sounds, and I had to chuckle at the Tressel luxury suite. It’s not often you see college stadiums modeled after the Pantheon, is all I’ll say, but the tour was awesome–we got to walk on the turf, which is something not everybody gets to do. After that we explored (the) Ohio State University and Columbus for a bit–the city feels like a college town, even with its professional franchises. Over the weekend we went to a bunch of great little dive bars and restaurants and I want to move there just for the food, haha.

Saturday, we went to see a Columbus Crew (Major League Soccer) game and take a tour of their facilities. It was neat to see a soccer-specific stadium for sure, but I do think they face a difficult struggle in getting fans to come out, especially on a cold Saturday like ours was. It was a fun experience, especially watching the game with a student from Brazil and another from Germany–overall it was a great time.

Sunday was our hockey day, we received a full tour of Nationwide Arena, home of the Columbus Blue Jackets, and met with a bunch of important executives at the club. We have an MSA alum who works for the Blue Jackets in ticket sales, and he was able to get us the opportunity to touch the Stanley Cup (I have no clue why it was in Columbus…) as well as rink-side (first row) seats to the game, which they lost to the Canucks 4-1, but meeting people at the arena was top-notch, and is further proof that (as one of the execs we met put it) not only is breaking into your industry about who you know, but who knows you.

Then we drove back, I actually arrived in Buffalo about 11 hours ago, and soon I’m going to head over to my internship, so I’ll wrap up this long post (hopefully you readers stuck around) with some pictures!  Enjoy!


(Ohio Stadium)

(all of us with the Stanley Cup, including Don, our MSA alum at the CBJ)

I think Spring didn’t get the memo…

I think Spring didn’t get the memo…

I realize this is Upstate New York, but I’m over snow, cold weather and ice.  I’m ready for it to be nice outside so I can go out and run around with the kids I babysit, walk outside without my winter jacket on, you get the point.  I’m stressed out about school and my job situation, or lack there of.  I’ve been applying like a mad women, all over the country, and nothing is happening.  I’ve had one call back and phone interview, and never heard back.  School work is overwhelming right now, a group project is stressing me out, I’m ready to get it done so I can move on and concentrate on finals.  I can’t believe we’re going into Week 10 already, it’s gone by pretty fast but I’m also ready to move on.


Watched some serious hockey this weekend, between Division I finals and the push for the Stanley Cup playoffs, it’s getting crazy out there.  I saw a bunch of #1 teams get knocked off this weekend, and also got word over the last couple of weeks that a TON of players I know getting signed for ECHL, AHL & NHL contracts, looking forward to seeing where they all end up going.


My roommates from NYC and I have been talking about having a reunion over the summer, and I really hope it happens.  I’d love to be in NYC for job interviews or even looking for a place by then, but I’m just gonna have to keep applying and hoping that I get a job.  I’m not sold on NYC, but I will say I had a ton of fun there for my internship and love all the people I met.  I really liked working for a multi venue facility, and hope to work in one in the future.  I hope everyone who went away for Spring Break enjoyed wherever they were, especially if they were some where warm.