Fall semester is almost over and your student will soon be home and enjoying their break with family and friends.

This is the perfect time to encourage your student to reflect on their successes as well as areas for growth from the fall semester.  If your student’s grades are on target, continue to encourage and support their efforts.  Talk with them to see what worked for them during the semester and what they hope to accomplish moving forward.

If your student’s fall semester grades were less than what they hoped, use this time to discuss what their thoughts are on how they can improve for the spring.  This break can be their time to reset –  they can return to campus with lessons learned and strategies to start the spring semester on their best academic footing.

Encourage your student to use the many services that are available to them on campus:
Academic Mentoring
Academic Workshops
Counseling Center
Tutoring Services
Review Sessions offered by faculty and departments
Set up a study group
Look at their classes for the spring and purchase the books early.  Get a head start on the reading for the spring.

If your student is struggling, encourage them to reach out to their faculty and the Griff Center for assistance.

The following video highlights some of the services available for your student to use when they return to campus in the spring.