Welcome to Canisius College!

Dr. Catherine Punsalan-Malimos describes a Catholic, Jesuit education as helping students grow into the “fullness of their giftedness.” I am Sarah Signorino, the new Director of Mission & Identity. As a three-time Canisius alumna and 13-year employee of our community, I love this description! We hope to provide many opportunities, classes, experiences, and support to that your student is able to grow into the fullness of their giftedness.

Each month, I’ll be exploring what it means to be a student at a Catholic, Jesuit school. Our students, staff, and faculty live out this mission, our lens through which we examine the world, in amazing and creative ways. Members of our community come from various religious traditions and are welcomed to engage in our mission from their experiences.

What does Jesuit higher education look like on an international level? Check out a short video from the newly formed International Association of Jesuit Universities’ Task Force of Leadership from July 2018:
Click here to watch the video.