TTutorToriSept1he GRIFF Center’s Tutoring Services employs more than 50 peer tutors in order to provide support to students. Victoria Piatek has spent the last four years greeting students with a smile and assisting them with their questions about Mathematics here at Canisius.

Piatek is a senior student majoring in Childhood Special Education with a concentration in Mathematics and a middle school extension.

She looks forward to continuing her role as an educator upon graduating from Canisius, and enjoys helping her fellow classmates achieve the “lightbulb moment” of comprehension.

“I like being able to help students realize that math really isn’t as difficult as it’s often made out to be,” she says.

Piatek initially chose to become a tutor because she wanted to connect with more students on campus in a way that related to her major. She explains that she wanted to learn how to interact with students of all ages in a way that can be meaningful to everyone involved. She feels that her experiences over the past four years have certainly helped her do just that. Piatek’s work on campus has allowed her to identify her favorite thing about Canisius, as well.

“It feels like home,” she says. “Here on campus, you just feel connected.”