Griff Center tutor Sydney Chertoff is an Animal, Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation (ABEC) / Psychology dual major with a passion for her fields of study; she is going to go far  – literally!  Graduating in December, Sydney will soon be moving to South Africa for eight months, where she will do field work.  From there, she will be heading to Lethbridge, Canada, to pursue her Master’s degree and perform field work in Indonesia.

“I study cognition in non-human primates,” explains Sydney of her choice in majors.  “ABEC and Psychology go really well together!”
During her time here at Canisius, Sydney has worked at the Institute of Autism Research, and has performed eye-tracking research with the gorillas at the Buffalo Zoo.

In Tutoring Services, Sydney says her favorite part of tutoring is helping students have an  “Aha!” moment.  “I love when a concept finally clicks and they leave the tutoring session excited.

Even though she will soon leave Canisius to pursue her research across the globe, Sydney says that she will miss the close-knit and supportive community. “it’s great how interconnected all of the departments are here.  Seeking advice and help is extremely easy.”