With final exam week fast approaching, here are some test preparation tips to share with your student:

• Get a good night’s sleep and eat a high protein breakfast. Drink plenty of water!
• Practice guided imagery, visualizations of succeeding on the test, mentally “going where the information is
stored in your brain,” or breathing techniques to reduce stress.
• Get to the test a little early, prior to the start of the exam to avoid feeling rushed.
• Don’t engage in negative talk with other students before the test, such as “I’m so nervous- I don’t know if I
studied enough.”
• Eliminate those negative thoughts or self-talk by replacing them with a positive affirmation, like “I am
prepared for the test and I will do well,” or “I am smart – I can do this!”
• Ask your professor if you can use a blank piece of paper during the test (be sure to ask or it may look like
you are cheating). Use the paper for “brain dumping” or “mind mapping” during the exam.
• Make a decision to ignore students who finish the test before you. Research shows that students who leave early
usually don’t score as well as those who take more time.
• Sit as close as possible to the area where you learned the information in class, this helps with recall of the material.
• Remember to take your time, breathe, and believe in yourself – you can do this!