This month, Griff Center Tutoring Services is spotlighting Thomas Chameli. Tom is a third year chemistry major who has been tutoring for two years. Fascinated by his course of study, he enjoys sharing his knowledge with fellow Canisius students. He is most passionate about helping students understand inorganic chemistry and its presence in day-to-day life. Tom is a great resource for students. He understands that many students sometimes struggle with chemistry, and he tries to make things as easy as he can for those seeking assistance. “There is nothing more satisfying than hearing that a student has ‘aced’ the test, especially when you have been continuously working with that student”, says Chameli. Tom’s dream is to become a physician. He feels that his time here at Canisius is preparing him to achieve that dream.
Not only does Tom enjoy studying chemistry, he is also a part of the Canisius College Men’s Rowing Team. Along with his fellow teammates, he has competed in regional and national competitions. He has even had the opportunity to compete against Olympic athletes. He also enjoys hiking, camping, and cycling in his spare time. Overall, Tom is a very well rounded student and really knows his stuff when it comes to chemistry.