Fall final exams are almost here, along with added stress for your student.

You can’t take their finals for them, but you can send them some great snacks to help them through those late night study sessions.   

The Griff Center for Academic Engagement, in conjunction with the Higher Ed & Student Affairs Administration, is currently sponsoring Fall Final Exam care packages for your college student.

Packages come filled to the brim with great snacks and a few stress busters which they can enjoy as they prepare for their tests. Best of all you get to add a timely message from home!

Packages can be ordered at our store www.swaku.com/canisius and, as always, you can include a free encouragement message with your package.

The deadline to order one of our Fall Final Exam packages is November 26th, so don’t delay! It only takes a couple of minutes to place your order.

Thank you for your support
Sincerely, SWAK University Services