Did you know your student can make an appointment to see the doctor in Student Health at any time using their student portal page?

MyCanisiusHealth, is a customized health portal designed specifically for our students, allowing 24/7 scheduling. Students no longer have to wait for the Health Center to open or call on the phone to schedule their appointment. Canisius students love the convenience of on-line scheduling!

In addition to ease of scheduling, your student will get an immediate e-mail or text confirming their appointment date and time. Many students share their appointment confirmation e-mail with faculty if they are too sick to make it to class.

MyCanisiusHealth also allows your student to update their health insurance information, print educational materials, access a list of specialty providers and receive secure messages from the doctors and nurses in Student Health.

To access myCanisiusHealth, your student logs into their college portal and selects student services. MyCanisiusHealth is a link under student services.

If you get a phone call or text that your student is sick or injured, direct them to their portal and myCanisiusHealth to schedule their Health Center visit.