33c66f65-1c6c-4213-9622-58a6e72cba7eIt is almost difficult to believe that we are already one month into the academic year at Canisius!  The energy on campus is wonderful and so many special events occur at this time to usher in the new year.  Among them is one of our longest standing traditions – the Mass of the Holy Spirit – which we celebrated earlier this month with Buffalo’s Bishop, Most Rev. Richard Malone.  Many Catholic schools, of all levels, across the world have adopted this tradition established by the Society of Jesus in 1548 at its first Jesuit school in Messina, Italy.  At this mass, students, faculty, and staff of all faiths and traditions come together to ask the Holy Spirit to guide all members of our campus community in their work and in their pursuit of knowledge.

In Bishop Malone’s homily he quoted an encyclical by Pope John Paul II in which he wrote, “Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth.”  This statement expresses our highest aspirations for our students at Canisius – to build a life-long pursuit of truth.  As you’ll read in this month’s newsletter, this happens in a numerous ways in student life at Canisius through academic programs, of course, but also through clubs, organizations, service experiences, travel and immersion, and internships.

The contemplation and self-discovery that occurs, the friendships that are forged, and the encounters with the realities of the world have a transformative impact our students’ hearts and minds.  I hope that your children make the most of the opportunities that are available to them at Canisius.  And whenever they need support, advisement, or assistance on their journey, you’ll find countless resources to help them along the way.

Very truly yours,
John J. Hurley, President