It is hard to believe that March is right around the corner .

It is never too early to start having a conversation with your student about their summer plans. Students who anticipate completing college in four years only have three summers before they graduate. Many students decide to take a summer course. Students who take courses at Canisius over the summer do so for a variety of reasons. Some students use the summer to raise their GPA. Others like to take a more difficult course over the summer in order to focus all of their attention and energy in performing well in the class. Taking a summer course may also lighten the regular academic load during a semester. The Canisius College summer course schedule will be available beginning March 8.
Perhaps your student wants to complete an internship or get a job this summer. Students are able to come to the Griff Center for internship or job search assistance along with interview preparation. Resume Wednesdays are the perfect time for your student to polish or even start their resume.