We have officially reached the mid-point of the fall semester!

College semesters bring with them a certain amount of predictability.  The celebration of new found freedom, excitement or distress over the first papers or exams being returned, room mate issues or commuter traffic woes, rise of illness, registration meetings and preparation for final exams.
After the newness and excitement of “being on their own” has worn off, many students have gotten into a routine and are aware of the academic expectations for each of their courses.  Even upperclassmen need to re-adjust to each semester and the challenges that it may bring.  New students have viewed their progress reports by this time and have a good idea of what their academic standing is.  All freshmen have been contacted by a team member in the Griff Center as part of a mid-semester check in.  Freshmen were reminded of support services available and encouraged to make appointments with a Griff Center staff member if they needed assistance or had any questions.
Overall, students have had major assignments or papers returned and are “digging in” for the remainder of the semester.

Students should be meeting with their professors for assistance as well as taking advantage of the many resources that the Griff Center  has to offer- Academic Mentoring, Tutoring Services, Career Services, and Academic Workshops, to mention just a few.

Your student should be meeting with their academic advisor to plan out their spring semester courses, as well as touch base about future plans.  If your student is uncertain as to the registration process, or has any questions, please encourage them to visit the Griff Center.

Continue to support your student in the best way that you can- encourage them to seek out assistance when needed, remind them to take care of their minds, bodies and spirits, especially as the cold weather and gray skies descend upon the Buffalo area.

Wishing all the best this fall,
Tracy Callaghan
Assistant Director,
Griff Center for Academic Engagement