Greetings from the School of Education and Human Services!  The school is comprised of four departments (Counseling and Human Services, Graduate Education and Leadership, Kinesiology, and Teacher Education), and the Office of Professional Studies, housing seven undergraduate majors and twenty-one graduate programs.  Our school has 35 full-time faculty and highly qualified adjunct faculty contributing to program curricula.

Faculty leading programs in the School of Education and Human Services (SEHS) have been busy over the last few years in revising and repackaging curricula to be more attractive to students.

A few examples include:
Five year programs leading to adolescence and special education teacher certification. Students majoring in
Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Math, or Physics may take education electives as an undergraduate student, take graduate level courses as a senior, and complete the MS in Adolescence Education with certification options in Adolescence, Special Education, and in the content area.

An Education Studies minor was created for students interested in teaching, but not pursuing certification.  This minor has been a great option for Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation students who want to teach in a zoo setting after graduating.

In early 2017, we launched the Center for Urban Education (CUE) in partnership with the National Urban Alliance for Effective Education.  The mission of the Center is to offer professional development opportunities to our students, faculty, and school partners that will positively impact urban youth.  Our first major event was held on October 17, 2017 featuring Dr. Jabari Mahiri, Endowed Chair of Urban Education from the University of California, Berkeley followed by a panel discussion on racial equity in urban schools.  The Center is providing our education preparation programs a focus to further our Jesuit mission.

Canisius also partnered with the Buffalo Public School Community Schools Initiative.  We are the lead college partner for the Northeast Zone which includes the Bennett campus, Highgate Heights Elementary, North Park Academy, and Westminster Charter School.  Students, faculty, and staff have participated in many after-school and Saturday academies at the various schools in support of the BPS initiative.

We recently launched the Western New York Teacher Residency program.  This 2-year Master’s program will actively recruit graduates and professional to teach in high-needs urban schools.  Residents will benefit from a year-long teaching placement under the mentoring of a master teacher instead of the normal 14- week student teaching placement.  In addition, residents will be eligible for a Teacher Residency scholarship to help defray tuition costs, earn a $20,000 stipend during the residency year, and be first in line for teaching positions within the partner schools.  The residency program holds great promise in preparing teachers to be ready to work in an urban environment.

There are many other exciting things happening within the SEHS, but I will leave it at that for now.  The SEHS faculty and staff deeply about your students’ success at Canisius.  Please encourage them to take advantage of all of the opportunities and supports that Canisius has to offer.  We are here to serve them!

Dr. Jeffrey Lindauer
Dean, School of Education and Human Services