We have reached the end of the spring semester, so to the proud parents of our graduating seniors, I offer you my heartiest congratulations! On behalf of our Trustees, faculty, staff, and Jesuit Community, we join you in celebrating this special milestone and all that they have achieved over their Canisius career. For others, their Canisius journey is still in progress and the conclusion of the semester may mean a time to take a breath (if only brief) and explore some new endeavors. New jobs, internships, or service work may be on the horizon, and for others, they may look forward to continuing their studies over the summer. Whether your children are moving on or planning to return to us in the summer or fall, Canisius will always be a home for them, as it is for the more than 50,000 alumni who live across the globe. The value of a Canisius education does not end with the conferral of a degree or the conclusion of a semester. Many of our services and professional and alumni networks continue to be at their disposal. I hope the academic year has been productive and rewarding for your children and that Canisius has met all of your expectations. At this time of year, I stand in great admiration for what our students and faculty accomplish and know that they are so well prepared to go into the world as leaders, wherever the road may lead them.