Tutor Spotlight – Natalie Sciandra

For Psychology tutor Natalie Sciandra, helping people isn’t just her job within the GRIFF Center; it’s her passion. With an undergraduate degree from Canisius in Psychology, Natalie is currently enrolled in our Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. Now, she is looking forward to applying her experiences at Canisius toward her future endeavors as a high school counselor.

“I like seeing people believe in themselves,” says Natalie. “There is a change that comes when students start believing in what they’re doing. You can see it happen over time.”

During her time as an undergraduate at Canisius, Natalie had the opportunity to study abroad in London, England. Tutoring is only one of three jobs she currently works while attending graduate school; she also works in the Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library here on campus, and at Kohl’s.

When asked why she chose to stay at Canisius for her graduate education, Natalie expressed that her experiences have mimicked those she hopes to facilitate for the students she helps: “I’ve kind of found my own confidence here.”