On Thursday, May 2, 2019, Canisius will host Griff Fest. Griff Fest is an alcohol-free event held on campus with food, music, rides, games, and prizes. This celebration runs from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and attracts over 1,000 students every year.

This event is intended to celebrate the end of the semester and the academic year. Students may attend after and/or around their class schedule. But it is important not to miss the last day of classes due to extra-curricular activities, such as Griff Fest, that are scheduled on this day.

Although the behavior of Canisius College students on this day is overall very positive, each year there are some students living in non-college owned houses in the Canisius neighborhood that host unsanctioned and unsupervised parties. These parties put their hosts and guests at risk. If you have a child living in a house in the neighborhood, please discourage hosting/attending a party and encourage your child to participate in the Griff Fest activities.

While we want our students to enjoy the day, we are very concerned about their safety. Students under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs generally do not exercise good judgment and place themselves and others at risk.

Canisius College Public Safety with the assistance of the Buffalo Police Department will be working diligently to monitor parties and behavior in the neighborhood.

To ensure the safety of our students the College will continue its very strong stand regarding inappropriate student behavior. Seniors who violate NYS laws and/or Canisius College Community Standards will not be permitted to participate in senior week or commencement activities and underclassmen may face suspension.

Please have a conversation with your child, recommending compliance with NYS state laws, and the College’s community standards. Encourage your child to finish the semester strong, enjoy the day, and make good decisions. Together, we can make Griff Fest an event that is fun and safe for the entire Canisius community.

Dr. Anne-Marie Dobies
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs
Canisius College