As the semester is quickly coming to a close, please see the following information with regards to resident halls and closing timelines.

All students should move out of their room 24 hours after their last final exam. Students need to be out of their rooms no later than May 10 at 8pm. If your student is an in-season athlete, international student, summer resident, or a senior staying for commencement, please make sure they fill out the request to stay form.

Request to Stay Late

  • All requests to stay must be made via the form. No in person, phone or email requests will be approved.
  • Responses to requests will be sent to the email your students provides on the form. Please check for typos.
  • If your student is not approved, they are able to appeal via email only to

Check out Process:

Students must return their keys to Student Life.
Student Life is open 8:30am – 10pm Monday-Friday and 5 – 10pm Saturday and Sunday.

  • If your student leaves after hours, their keys need to be placed in an envelope with their name, ID, and room assignment. The envelope should be brought to Public Safety. Pre-made envelopes can be found in a bin on the Student Life door.
  • If your student does not return their keys, they will be billed for a lock change.

Your student needs to also fill out their Room Condition Report, which is located on the Student Life page of Canisius Life. This can be accessed through their student portal.

All items should be removed from your student’s room and the room should be left in a neat manner.

  • Boxes and trash bags are available in Student Life. Boxes are $2 and trash bags are free.
  • Student Life will have large dumpsters arriving to campus on May 1. Dumpsters will be located behind Palisano, at Village, and Delavan.
  • Canisius does not have storage spaces. Any student who needs to store belongings must locate a space off campus.
  • If your student leaves behind significant amounts of trash/unwanted items, your student will be billed for an excessive clean-up fee and the items will be discarded.

Interested in summer housing? It is not to late to fill out an application for summer housing!