Before the holiday rush, The Office of Student Health recommends that parents use the month of November to set up all needed medical appointments for their student.  This early start ensures appointment dates and times that fit into the winder break and are convenient for you and your student.

While your student is home, allocate some of winter break to visit medical providers, specialist, and counselors.  Often, students require follow-up visits with specialists, medication renewal(s), updated physicals, diagnostic studies, and blood work.

If your student is planning to study abroad in 2018, this is the perfect time to address any needed travel vaccinations and health requirements.

In addition, use the break to schedule dental cleaning as well as any dental procedures such as wisdom teeth extraction.

If your student is transitioning from a pediatrician to an “adult practitioner”  this is a great time to make that that first appointment.  If your student has not been able to find a doctor, Student Health recommends contacting your health insurance’s member services area to request a list of doctors accepting new patients.

The Office of Student Health wishes you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!