This month we are shining the spotlight on Nick Capitano. Nick is one of our Economics and Finance tutors. He is in his 5th year at Canisius, and has obtained a Bachelors in Science with a dual major in Accounting and Finance. He is currently in pursuit of an MBA in Accounting. Nick is one of our busiest tutors and a great resource for the students.
During his first four years at Canisius, he played on the Canisius College Men’s Baseball team, and participated in two conference championships. Nick is a part of the Canisius Accounting Society and serves as an accounting mentor as well. Accounting mentors work with freshmen accounting students to give them the ins and outs of the program before they begin their sophomore year. During the start of his 5th year at Canisius, Nick was accepted into the “Golden Griffin Fund”, which is essentially a student run mutual fund for the college.
In the future, Nick looks to advance toward a career in Investment Banking, specifically in Mergers and Acquisitions or Underwriting. His ultimate dream is to work in New York City on Wall Street. Apart from his involvement on campus, in his free time he enjoys working out, playing video games, and spending time with his two German Shepherds.