This month we celebrated the beginning of Lent, the Catholic Church’s marking of the preparation for Easter.  Many view this as a time of sacrifice and with a sense of solemnity, but viewed differently, this truly is a period of renewal.  We engage in some reflection, take stock of our shortcomings, blessings and strengths, and then make some resolutions to better ourselves and, ideally, do a little more to serve God and others in the world around us.  (Certainly, there’s more to this than giving up chocolate.) As an institution, we try to do this “examen” regularly to offer our students the best academics and services, and to provide the kind of educational opportunities that challenge and inspire.  I am very proud that Canisius is set to welcome its first class of students into a new Master’s Program in Data Analytics and is taking important steps into entering the allied health fields.  Canisius’ Center for Urban Education, launched last year, is making excellent strides to support the teachers, students and families in the Buffalo Public Schools.  These initiatives are the result of incredibly dedicated faculty and staff who are always looking to improve, not only for the sake of Canisius and its students, but also to meet the needs of the community we serve.  So, as I experience this season, I look forward to the renewal and reinvention.  As you’ll read on in this month’s newsletter, there are numerous resources available to help your student make the best of their Canisius journey and the best of themselves.