Earlier this month, I had the great pleasure of joining with Mark Sullivan, President and CEO of Catholic Health, a recipient of an undergraduate (1992) and graduate (1996) degree from Canisius, to announce a partnership wherein Catholic Health will lease and renovate 20,000 sq. ft. on the third floor of Canisius College’s Science Hall as part of a major and transformational technology project Catholic Health is undertaking. Catholic Health is making the largest investment in the history of the health system, dedicating more than $130 million in state-of-the-art technology that will connect its hospitals, laboratories, clinician offices and health centers with patients throughout the community. To do this, they plan to locate a 150-member team in Science Hall.

This partnership builds off our shared Catholic-based missions and brings a number of exciting possibilities for us. Catholic Health believes this opportunity will help to create a talent pipeline between the college and the health system to give students real-world experience that they can put into practice. Within the scope of this electronic health records project, Catholic Health is very interested in working with faculty and students in our Data Analytics, Computer Science and Mathematics and Statistics programs. Faculty and students will have access to leading professionals in this emerging field. This partnership may also lead to other collaborations in allied health fields, particularly as we prepare to launch a new Physician’s Assistant program on the lower level of Science Hall, which expects to admit its first class in January 2020.

Collaboration with Catholic Health will add to the excitement and vitality of Science Hall and help propel us toward our ultimate vision for the building as a home for all of our science programs. We certainly look forward to developing internship, mentoring, and faculty and curriculum development opportunities with Catholic Health.