It can be difficult for students who commute to college to find meaningful ways to connect to the campus community.  That is where Canisius’ Commuter Student Association (CSA) can help.

The CSA is a great “first club” where commuter students can begin to connect with other individuals on campus.  The focus of CSA is to be a springboard to help the commuter student discover other opportunities and events that are available for them on campus.  CSA offers a comfortable space where commuters can relax, catch up with other students as well as utilize the computers and printer located within the Commuter Lounge (next to the Bookstore).  The CSA club room is located right across the hall from the Commuter Lounge (Student Center 007) and is very convenient for student engagement.

CSA  hosts multiple events throughout the semester including an upcoming Meal Preparation Seminar.  With many commuter students not using a meal plan option, proper meal preparation and planning is essential for students to eat right.  CSA will help to teach students how to do a calorie assessment as well as prepare two meals (lunch and dinner) so they can properly plan for their busy week.  All CSA events are posted on the event board located in the Commuter Lounge.  Students are encouraged to participate in any events that interest them.

CSA also began an exciting program this semester where each commuter student within CSA has been assigned a Commuter Assistant or CA.  The role of a CA is similar to that of a Resident Assistant in the residence halls.  The CA helps fellow commuter students navigate the challenges that may arise as well as celebrate the rewards that come with commuting to the College.  CA’s are typically from the same town or neighboring town that the student is from and organizes off-campus local events that commuters may attend.  Each CA has assigned Commuter Lounge hours so your commuter student can have access to resources and gain information.
If your commuter student has any questions or would like more information, please contact the CSA president, commuter Annalyse Paulson at